June 26, 2024

Gong VP of AI Platform Division Jacob Eckel

Jacob is the Vice President of the AI Platform Division at Gong – the AI platform that transforms your revenue growth – and he joins us today to share his joy of giving people the freedom of a data scientist even if they have a limited technological background.

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Jacob shares how Gong uses AI, how it empowers its customers to build their own models, and how this ease of access for users holds the promise of a brighter future. We also learn more about the inner workings of Gong and how it trains its own models, why it’s not too interested in tracking soft skills right now, what we need to be doing more of to build more trust in chatbots, and our guest’s summation of why technology is advancing like a runaway train.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Jacob Eckel walks us through his professional background and how he ended up at Gong.
  • The ins and outs of Gong, and where AI fits in.
  • How Gong empowers its customers to build their own models, and the results thereof.
  • Understanding the data ramifications when customers build their own models on Gong.
  • How Gong trains its own models, and the way the platform assists users in real time.
  • Why its models aren’t tracking softer skills like rapport-building, yet.
  • Everything that needs to be solved before we can fully trust chatbots.
  • Jacob’s summation of why technology is growing at an increasingly rapid rate.


“We don’t expect our customers to suddenly become data scientists and learn about modeling and everything, so we give them a very intuitive, relatively simple environment in which they can define their own models.” — @eckely [0:07:03]

“[Data] is not a huge obstacle to adopting smart trackers.” — @eckely [0:12:13]

“Our current vibe is there’s a limit to this technology. We are still unevolved apes.” — @eckely [0:16:27]

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

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