Sama Curate

Data Curation Tools for AI Model Training

Sama Curate offers data filtering and data curation tools to ensure you only label the data most likely to improve your AI models. The Sama data curation solution provides industry-leading visualization tools and model/data debugging capabilities.


Prioritize Labels That Get AI Models Into Production

Quicker Turnaround Time

Less labeling required for a quicker path to production

Greater Data Value

Ensure every labeled asset adds value

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Better Model Quality

Better accuracy with less data

Cost Reduction

Reduce labor costs for higher ROI on your models


Curate data that will have the greatest impact on your models' performance

Sama supports data selection for computer vision data, using data filtering, rebalancing, and Active Learning pipelines to optimize your labeling process – even on prefiltered and completely unlabeled datasets.


How it Works

Visualize the Diversity of Your Data

Understand diversity, identify edge cases and prioritize the most high-value data you can label to improve your models

Select and Curate Data

State-of-the-art data curation algorithms such as Active Learning provide a continuous feedback loop to optimize the efficiency of your labeling process

Label Your Data More Efficiently

Get high quality labels for your models more quickly, and use advanced analytics to detect data drift and proactively update training sets

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Other Features for ML-based Data Selection and Filtering


Active Learning for Continuous Improvement


Interface to Visualize your Embeddings

Analytics 1

Actionable Analytics Reports on your Data


Deployment in the Cloud or On-Premises


Tools for Developers including CLI and API


Tags to Manage Sampling/Filtering Results

Why Sama

For over a decade, Sama has been helping leading Fortune 50 companies deliver secure, high-quality training data and model validation for machine learning.

Whether it’s curating your training data to have the greatest impact on model accuracy, or to efficiently labeling your data with the help of our directly-managed workforce of annotators and vertically integrated platform – Sama can help you bring your AI models to production faster.

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