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As technology continues to transform the world around us, consumer expectations are shifting. Advances in AI technology for the retail sector are transforming shopping experiences both in-store and online.

Use Cases

Improve your customers' shopping experience with high-quality training data

Whether you want to leverage AI to analyze customer behavior, improve search relevance, personalize communications, or effectively manage inventory, high-quality labeled data is table stakes for building accurate solutions to meet your business goals.

Search Relevance

According to Accenture, 91% of consumers say they are more likely to shop with brands that provide offers and recommendations that are relevant to them. Better search improves your users’ personalized shopping experience to increase conversion rates, average order value, and revenue of your e-commerce business.

The Sama Solution

Precisely label each product's unique attributes (i.e. dimensions, price points, descriptions) to improve search relevance, shorten product discovery time and help your brand build a hyper-personalized experience which the customer will reward with loyalty.

A powerful combination of our ML-fueled platform and skilled humans-in-the-loop allows us to deliver high-quality labels and up to 300% efficiency improvements (vs without ML) – for better recommendations, better customer experience, and more revenue.

Search Relevance 1

Inventory Management

The increasing complexity and fluidity of SKUs overburden stores with largely manual assortment planning that results in over-stock or out-of-stock items – both of which are costly to retailers. In a research study conducted by Auburn University RFID Lab Studies, researchers found that retailers benefit from item-level tagging because it increases inventory accuracy from an average of 63% to 95%.

The Sama Solution

Free up your internal team to focus on strategy while we support your inventory management activities and help you keep up with the constant influx of new products, brands, and styles to better meet customer demand without running out of stock or carrying excess supply.

A powerful combination of our ML-fueled platform and skilled humans-in-the-loop allows us to deliver high-quality labels and up to 300% efficiency improvements (vs without ML) – for reduced inventory holding costs and a better understanding of sales patterns.

Inventory Management (3) 1

Checkout-Free Shopping

The in-person check out experience is evolving – slow lines cost approximately $37.7 billion in potential sales per year, according to research director Jordan McKee. While stores have begun experimenting with cashierless checkout, checkout-free shopping is helping consumers skip the line entirely.

The Sama Solution

Increase shoppers’ autonomy with highly-accurate computer vision-enabled item selection. Sama provides advanced video annotation tools with complex object tracking to ensure accuracy of item recognition, to effectively help you improve customer experience and generate more sales using fewer resources.

Cashierless Checkout (1) 1

Security and Theft Prevention

Retail shrinkage can drastically impact retailers’ profits and can even put businesses with low-profit margins out of business entirely. According to the National Retail Federation, in 2019, the inventory loss due to shoplifting, employee theft, or other errors and fraud reached $61.7 billion in the United States alone.

The Sama Solution

Computer vision can provide traffic and behavior analytics by using real-time, accurate visitor counts and classification to better understand the flow of traffic. Harness the power of video to identify threats in real time, leading to quicker and better decisions to improve security and prevent theft and its associated costs.

Retail Security 1

AR Staging of Furniture and Clothing

As more consumers shop online, retailers must get creative to inspire confidence in users’ purchase decisions. Augmented reality is helping consumers envision their purchases — whether an oversized couch or new pair of shoes — in their homes and on their bodies. Surveys show that 48% of customers are more likely to shop at a retailer that offers an AR experience.

The Sama Solution

Provide a seamless augmented reality experience for consumers with accurately labeled computer vision data. For consumers, credible AR applications will enhance the online shopping experience and boost confidence; for retailers, the result is more sales and fewer returns.

AR Furniture 1

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