Data Services for GenAI and LLM Development

Boost model accuracy and performance, responsibly. Sama provides data set fine-tuning, RLHF and output evaluation for GenAI and LLMs—all while contributing to an ethical AI supply chain.

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25% of Fortune 50 companies trust Sama to help them deliver industry-leading ML models


Generative AI and LLM Solutions

With over 15 years of industry experience, Sama’s data annotation and validation solutions help you build more accurate GenAI and LLMs—faster.

Fine-tuning datasets and prompts for Generative AI

Our team helps elevate model accuracy and performance by creating fine tuning data sets and prompt engineering. We also review and provide insights on the curation of underlying data to improve data distribution.


Evaluation and Reinforced Learning for LLMs

Our human-in-the-loop approach drives data-rich model improvements through iterative RLHF feedback loops. Our team of experts will score and rank prompts along with evaluate model outputs to refine models for enhanced performance.

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Visual Question Answering and Image Captioning

Our team generates descriptive and contextually rich captions for images and videos to aid captioning, enhanced search relevance, and accessibility efforts. We also validate image-sentence pairings, ensuring that the generated captions accurately reflect the content of the visuals. This process contributes to greater accuracy and coherence in the generated output.

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Multimodal Sentiment Analysis

Sama provides comprehensive sentiment analysis across all modalities including text, image and audio. We combine advanced techniques and expert curation to enhance the accuracy and effectiveness of sentiment models for a nuanced understanding of user emotions and feedback.

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Data Curation and Classification

Drive personalization and enhanced search accuracy with Sama’s data curation and classification services.  We help enhance search capabilities by meticulously organizing and optimizing datasets, and ensuring precision and relevance in search results for an elevated user experience.

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What We Offer

Sama’s continuous improvement process for GenAI and LLMs results in more accurate models. By using partially annotated training data to create an initial model, successive iterations improve each time.

Multimodal Support

Our team is trained to provide comprehensive support across various modalities including text, image, and voice search applications. We help improve model accuracy and performance through data categorization, curation and validation solutions.

Proactive Quality at Scale

SamaAssure™ is the industry’s highest quality guarantee for data annotation for Generative AI. Each data annotation for foundation model development project has a dedicated team of in-house industry experts trained for that specific project. They’ve helped Sama achieve 10 billion data points per month with a 99% client acceptance rate and the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry. Sama’s proactive approach minimizes delays while maintaining quality to help models hit their milestones.

Proactive Insights

SamaIQ™ combines the expertise of the industry’s best specialists with deep industry knowledge and proprietary algorithms to deliver faster insights and reduce the likelihood of model failure. Our team can help provide recommendations on how to best structure data and set up reinforced learning cycles in order to get the best model outputs.

Collaborative Project Space

SamaHub™, our collaborative project space, is designed for enhanced communication. GenAI and LLM clients have access to collaboration workflows, self-service sampling and complete reporting to track their project’s progress, see how their data is being annotated, and shape their model’s advancement.

Easy Integrations

We offer a variety of integration options, including APIs, CLIs, and webhooks that allow you to seamlessly connect our platform to your existing workflows. The Sama API is a powerful tool that allows you to programmatically query the status of projects, post new tasks to be done, receive results automatically, and more.


Generative AI and LLM Use Cases

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Text Categorization & Classification

Our team can annotate large datasets or documents for text categorization and classification tasks. This helps LLMs learn to classify and organize textual information into predefined categories along with learn to categorize and organize large sets of text documents.

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Conversational AI

Building smarter conversational AI solutions starts with Sama. Our team creates annotated datasets that help train LLMs to master the nuances of human language, enabling them to deliver natural and engaging responses within conversational AI systems.

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Ambient OCR

Sama’s skilled annotators validate text annotations from images, ensuring accuracy and relevance. This process is crucial for applications requiring text recognition, improving the quality of GenerativeAI-generated text annotations.

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Contextual Analysis and Modality Tagging

Our human-in-the-loop feedback loop refines Generative AI outputs. Through contextual image analysis, production modality classification, and element tagging, we iteratively enhance annotation accuracy and relevance for specific use cases.

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Named Entity Recognition

Sama can support Named Entity Recognition (NER) tasks by annotating entities such as names, locations, organizations, and other specific terms within text. This enhances LLMs’ ability to identify and extract relevant information.

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Question Answering Systems

Our team can help create annotated datasets to help LLMs grasp the nuances of language, understand relationships between concepts, and identify key information within text to comprehend complex questions. This helps models understand and respond to user queries more accurately.


Our Proprietary Approach

Sama’s video annotation projects start with tailored consultations, assessing tagging needs via knowledgeable solutions engineers. After evaluating alternatives, projects launch on Sama’s cutting-edge video annotation platform.


For our video annotation services, we employ an integrated calibration process to maximize efficiency and value. In the initial session, we establish clear instructions, address edge cases, and align on key metrics. Subsequent collaborative meetings with a project manager, solutions engineer, and QA agent, whether weekly or monthly, ensure quality scaling as you utilize our services.


Each project is assigned to a dedicated team at Sama, consisting of internal experts with deep industry knowledge – avoiding consultants, contractors, or crowdsourcing. These teams undergo project-specific training, ensuring their effectiveness from the outset. This methodology extends to our video annotation services, where specialized training empowers our teams to excel in handling video training data right from the start.


Sama continually enhances its video annotation solutions through iterative feedback, with a focus on shaping and refining annotations using a video annotation tool. We utilize level feedback, percentage of data set review, and automated scoring, bolstered by real-time analytics that offer immediate actionable insights. Should data accuracy not meet client expectations, we provide complimentary rework services for the project.


Sama’s video annotation services offer flexible and customizable delivery formats for key metric reports and evaluations within its image annotation service. This is complemented by robust quality control measures to reduce inaccuracies swiftly, ensuring the rapid deployment of ML models.


First batch client acceptance rate across 10B points per month


Get models to market 3x faster by eliminating delays, missed deadlines and excessive rework


Lives impacted to date thanks to our purpose-driven business model


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