February 29, 2024

Google Cloud's VP Global AI Business Philip Moyer

Whether you’re an individual or an organization, the recent advancements in AI are bound to have left you with a few mixed feelings: from concerns over the unanticipated harms that could arise with this new technology, to excitement for all the opportunities it could bring. Joining us today to explore this topic is Philip Moyer, VP of Google Cloud's Global AI Business.

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Philip recently had the opportunity to speak with 371 customers from 15 different countries to hear their thoughts, fears, and hopes for AI. Tuning in you’ll hear Philip share his biggest takeaways from these conversations, his opinion on the current state of AI, and his hopes and predictions for the future. Our conversation explores key topics, like government and company attitudes toward AI, why adversarial datasets will need to be audited, and much more. To hear the full scope of our conversation with Philip – and to find out how 2024 resembles 1997 – be sure to tune in today!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Some background on Philip Moyer and his role as part of Google’s AI engineering team.
  • What he learned from speaking with 371 customers from 15 different countries about AI.
  • Philip shares his insights on how governments and companies are approaching AI.
  • Recognizing the risks and requirements of models and how to manage them.
  • Adversarial datasets; what they are and why they need to be audited.
  • Understanding how adversarial datasets can vary between industries.
  • A breakdown of Google’s approach to adversarial datasets in different languages.
  • The most relevant takeaways from Philip’s cross-continental survey.
  • How 2024 resembles the technological and competitive business landscape of 1997.
  • Google’s partnership with Nvidia and how they are providing technologies at every layer.
  • The new class of applications that come with generative AI.
  • Using a company’s proprietary data to train generative AI models.
  • The collective challenges we are all facing when it comes to creating generative AI at scale.
  • Understanding the vectorization of knowledge and why it will need to be auditable.
  • Philip shares what he is most excited about when it comes to AI.


“What's been so incredible to me is how forward-thinking – a lot of governments are on this topic [of AI] and their understanding of – the need to be able to make sure that both their citizens as well as their businesses make the best use of artificial intelligence.” — Philip Moyer [0:02:52]

“Nobody's ahead and nobody's behind. Every single company that I'm speaking to, has about one to five use cases live. And they have hundreds that are on the docket.” — Philip Moyer [0:15:36]

“All of us are facing the exact same challenges right now of doing [generative AI] at scale.” — Philip Moyer [0:17:03]

“You should just make an assumption that you're going to be somewhere on the order of about 10 to 15% more productive with AI.” — Philip Moyer [0:25:22]

“[With AI] I get excited around proficiency and job satisfaction because I really do think – we have an opportunity to make work fun again.” — Philip Moyer [0:27:10]

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