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High-Quality Training Data for Consumer & Media

Computer vision and machine learning breakthroughs are reinventing the way that consumers interact with their homes, media, and businesses. Sama works with consumer & media organizations to provide high-quality labeled data that helps bring AI models into production faster.


Use cases

High-quality training data to fuel your consumer & media AI use case

Whether you want to leverage computer vision for smart home and IoT devices, software, or social media, high-quality labeled data is table stakes for building accurate AI solutions to meet your business goals.

Consumer Electronics

Computer vision is increasingly becoming a part of our everyday lives, from mobile devices to wearable sensors and beyond. Sensors in smartphones, voice assistance devices, and electronic wearables produce unprecedented amounts of data – data that your customers rely on you to protect. 

How Sama helps

Sama follows data privacy and security best practices to protect against unauthorized access and corruption throughout the data lifecycle. Reliably high-quality labeled data (>95% SLA even on the most complex workflows) ensures that applications perform optimally and are adopted by consumers.



Smart Home Devices

Stoves, alarms, vacuums, and fridges are becoming increasingly interactive and customizable, paving way to the smart homes of the future. IoT devices create hubs that leverage built-in sensors, RFID, GPS, Bluetooth and internet connectivity to streamline everyday activities.

The Sama Solution

As much as 40% of data from IoT sensors may be wrong, redundant, or useless by the time it gets to the cloud. Sama provides the highest quality annotated data for your IoT and smart home devices, ensuring optimal performance, consumer satisfaction, and adoption. Industry-leading data privacy and security practices protect against unauthorized access and corruption of your — and your users’ — data.


Consumer Software

B2C software and social media companies are reinventing user experience with apps that leverage computer vision found in smartphones. Whether your application helps users feel more connected, make better buying decisions, or automate away menial tasks, you need high-quality annotated computer vision data to fuel your technology.

The Sama Solution

Sama is trusted by 25% of the Fortune 500 to deliver high-quality labels for a range of computer vision use cases. Whether for spatial object tracking & temporal segmentation, semantic segmentation, or object detection, classification & localization, Sama’s AI-powered platform and directly managed workforce delivers the highest quality labeled computer vision data in the industry.


Consumer Surveillance

Computer vision applications help citizens protect their property and those within it from burglary, intrusion, fire, and more. However, consumers are becoming increasingly discerning about the privacy cost associated with IoT devices in their homes.

The Sama Solution

Sama provides secure and high-quality annotations for image and video data resulting from IoT-connected smart cameras and other computer vision applications. Empower consumers to monitor their properties and respond to safety concerns — all with a higher degree of accuracy and at a lower cost — with AI systems powered by the highest-quality labeled data.


Don’t see your use case here?

Sama can provide high-quality labeled data for your consumer & media use case. Get in touch today to learn more.


In a partner we’re looking for someone that can handle the volumes of data that we can generate, and handle those volumes in a quality manner. Sama is able to fulfill our business requirements, and do that cost effectively, but they have the added benefit of being an impact provider.


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AI trends in Consumer & Media

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Case Study

Accurate Data Labeling Powers the Volumental Shoe Recommendation App

Volumental produces shoe recommendations for shoppers by leveraging 3D foot scans, retail purchase data, and AI. They partnered with Sama to label the datasets that fuel the CV technology for their mobile foot scanning app.

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Developing Augmented and Virtual Reality Applications at Scale

Innovative AR and VR experiences start with high-quality training and validation. Here’s what you need to keep top of mind when developing augmented and virtual reality applications.

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Egocentric Perception with Facebook's Manohar Paluri

Facebook AI Senior Director Manohar Paluri discusses the biggest challenges facing the field of computer vision, and the commonalities and differences between first and third-person perception.

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Learn more about the Sama Platform

Our secure training data annotation platform combined with our human-in-the-loop experts make it easy to manage your training data pipeline at scale.

The Sama Difference


We offer the highest quality SLA (>95%), even on the most complex workflows. Our team assists with anything from implementing a robust quality rubric to raising edge cases.

Ethical AI

As an ethical AI company and one of the only AI companies with B Corp certification, we have provided economic opportunities for over 59,000 people from underserved and marginalized communities.


ML Assisted annotation created up to 3-4x efficiency improvement for a single class annotation. We quickly adapt to ramp-ups, focus shifts, and edge cases, with change frequency of up to 2-3x/week per workflow.


From our tech stack to our physical space, security and trust are paramount to everything we do. Our delivery sites are ISO certified and employ biometric security. Our platform boasts 99.95%-99.99% uptime.

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