February 16, 2024

Meta VP of AI Research Joelle Pineau

Joelle explains how she ended up at Meta and what her role as VP of AI Research entails before telling us what fascinated her most about AI robotics, why elegance is a key factor in her work, how asking the right questions opens the right doors, and the FRESCO philosophy that forms the foundation off of which Joelle makes all her business decisions.

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Joelle further discusses the relationship between her work, AI, and the end users of her products as well as her summation of information modalities, world models versus word models, and the role of responsibility in the current high-stakes of technology development.  

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Joelle Pineau's professional background and how she ended up at Meta.
  • The aspects of AI robotics that fascinate her the most.
  • Why elegance is an important element in Joelle's machine learning systems.
  • How asking the right question is the most vital part of research and how to get better at it.
  • FRESCO: how Joelle chooses which projects to work on.
  • The relationship between her work, AI, and the end users of her final products.
  • What success looks like for her and her team at Meta.
  • World models versus word models and her summation of information modalities.
  • What Joelle thinks about responsibility in the current high-stakes of technology development.


“Perhaps, the most important thing in research is asking the right question.” — @jpineau1 [0:05:10]

“My role isn't to set the problems for [the research team], it's to set the conditions for them to be successful.” —  @jpineau1 [0:07:29]

“If we're going to push for state-of-the-art on the scientific and engineering aspects, we must push for state-of-the-art in terms of social responsibility.” —  @jpineau1 [0:20:26]

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