Robotics & Manufacturing

Accurate ground truth data to increase the technical abilities of your robots and drones and allow them to perform more complex tasks.

Data Types

LiDAR & 3D
Allow your robot or drone to precisely detect, classify, and track objects through video frames while flying into the air, or navigating factory or warehouse facilities.
Advanced image annotation tool to classify defects with high accuracy, detect and prevent component failure, scan or map the terrain of buildings, and more.
High-quality annotated point cloud data at scale for 3D machine vision systems.

Object Recognition

We support object recognition use cases like predictive maintenance, package inspection, and order picking.

Object Tracking

Get high-quality data needed to support security surveillance, manipulation and placement of assembly parts, and robot and drone self-navigation.

Scene Segmentation

Accurate data for aerial scene segmentation, terrain and structural scanning, and aerial view mapping of houses and urban landscape design.

Experience with Thousands of Complex Workflows

Our secure training data annotation platform combined with our human-in-the-loop experts make it easy to manage your training data pipeline at scale.


One misstep in data accuracy can cause havoc or lost revenue, especially when dealing with critical safety. We offer the highest quality SLA (95-99.5%), even on the most complex workflows.


Our machine learning assisted annotation tool boosts polygon drawing efficiency by 300% compared to manual annotation. Our advanced platform features allow you to receive mission-critical ground truth data, at scale and in record time.


Consider us your training data partner. We help clients iterate on instructions and optimize their workflow configuration. We quickly adapt to ramp-ups, focus shifts, and edge cases, with change frequency of up to 2-3 x/week per workflow.

Watch the Webinar: ML Accelerated Data Annotation

High-quality annotated training data is a critical part of the success of your Robotics & Manufacturing AI projects, but costs associated with data annotation prevent many AI pilots from ever making it into production. In this webinar, Sama VP of Engineering Loic Juillard shares how to set your AI projects up for success – and how Sama's ML Accelerated Data Annotation can help.

High-Quality Training Data at Scale

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