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High-Quality Training Data for Robotics & Manufacturing

New technologies powered by AI are paving the way for smart factories of the future, to help manufacturers reduce costs, catch anomalies, increase productivity, and reinforce safety.

Use Cases

Get more actionable insights with high-quality training data

Whether you want to leverage AI for process optimization, predictive maintenance, or to detect and resolve anomalies, high-quality labeled data is table stakes for building accurate solutions to meet your business goals.

Predictive Maintenance

The proliferation of data thanks to sensors and IoT is empowering manufacturers with actionable insights to predict downtime and speed up decision making during disruptions. A recent study shows predictive maintenance cost savings of 18%-25%, with additional savings and benefits through increased uptime.

The Sama Solution

Maintenance planning to effectively cut costs and optimize operations requires solid, high-quality annotated data. Sama’s advanced annotation tools can help you observe patterns to predict, mitigate and ultimately prevent failures for cost savings, higher predictability, and increased availability of your systems.


Quality Control

For many manufacturers, quality control is still a manual operation, with humans visually inspecting different objects along assembly lines. These processes are prone to human error, in part due to subjectivity and fatigue from performing repetitive tasks.

The Sama Solution

CV-based applications can optimize the quality control process, increasing accuracy while optimizing operational efficiency and reducing labor costs. Sama’s directly managed workforce and advanced 2D and 3D image annotation tools help classify defects with high accuracy, minimizing the risk of recall and allowing manufacturers to halt production lines only when absolutely necessary.


Package Inspection

For industries such as CPG, pharma and electronics, package inspection at scale remains a significant challenge. While computer vision applications have been widely adopted, human intervention is often still required to ensure a high standard of quality; the manual process lends itself to tradeoffs such as human error and a lack of scalability.

The Sama Solution

Sama delivers high quality labels to help accurately and quickly identify functional flaws, defects, or contaminants — at scale. Advanced annotation tools help to accurately detect and classify product labels and packaging to improve throughput and minimize the risk of recall.

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Infrastructure Monitoring

Inspecting industrial manufacturing facilities for maintenance has historically been a slow, laborious, and expensive process, requiring error-prone and often dangerous human intervention. In the connected factories of tomorrow, computer vision is providing manufacturers with safer, more accurate, and more cost-effective infrastructure inspection.

The Sama Solution

Sama provides high-quality annotations for image and video data resulting from IoT-connected smart cameras, drones, satellite imagery, and other computer vision applications of infrastructure monitoring. Detect maintenance problems and safety concerns—all with a higher degree of accuracy and at a lower cost—with AI systems powered by the highest-quality labeled data.


Don't See Your Use Case Here?

Sama can help you reduce costs, increase productivity and reinforce safety with high-quality labeled data for your manufacturing and robotics use case. Get in touch today to learn more.
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Our secure training data annotation platform combined with our human-in-the-loop experts make it easy to manage your training data pipeline at scale.

AutoQA and a ML-powered platform deliver the highest quality SLA (>95%), even on the most complex workflows. Our team assists with anything from implementing a robust quality rubric to raising edge cases.

Ethical AI

As an ethical AI company and one of the only AI companies with B Corp certification, we have provided economic opportunities for over 54,000 people from underserved and marginalized communities.


ML Assisted annotation created up to 3-4x efficiency improvement for a single class annotation. We quickly adapt to ramp-ups, focus shifts, and edge cases, with change frequency of up to 2-3x/week per workflow.


From our tech stack to our physical space, security and trust are paramount to everything we do. Our delivery sites are ISO certified and employ biometric security. Our platform boasts 99.95%-99.99% uptime.

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