September 15, 2022

AI Drones in Agriculture with Precision AI's Heather Clair

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Today we are joined by Product Manager Heather Clair to discuss how Precision AI is disrupting the agricultural industry by taking a dramatically different approach to the traditional land-based high-clearance crop spraying model. Instead, uses AI trained drones to target individual crops.


In this episode, Heather shares her background in both farming and commerce, and explains how her in-field experience and insights aid both her and the AI team in the development cycle. We learn about the advantages of drone-based precision spraying, the function of the herbicides that Precision AI’s drones spray onto crops, and the various challenges of creating AI models that can recognize plant variations. Key Points From This Episode:

  • Introducing Heather Clair, Product Manager at
  • Heather’s background in farming and commerce; and what led her to
  •’s dramatically different approach to agriculture.
  • The advantages of drone-based precision spraying, as opposed to land-based high-clearance spraying.
  • The function of the herbicides that’s drones spray onto’s use of AI to teach their drones to identify crops and distribute herbicides with precision.
  • The relationship between Heather, as product manager, and the AI experts at
  • Heather’s involvement in the development cycle.
  • Sama’s reliable accuracy rate.
  • The challenge of creating AI models that recognize and can work with plant variations.
  • How the varying colors of soil impact the AI models.
  • The phenomenon of phenoplasticity and the challenge it presents to the AI team.
  • The advantage Heather has of having in-field experience.
  • Heather’s closing tip: how to have happier, healthier houseplants.

Tweetables:“Up until now, everybody just went, ‘How do we get more efficient fewer passes?’ But nobody questioned, ‘Are we doing the passes with the right equipment?’” — Heather Clair “ moving from land-based high-clearance sprayers to drone-based precision spraying.” — Heather Clair “I never thought when I was a little farm kid that I would be playing with drones, but it is one of my favorite things to do.” — Heather Clair “Trying to create these AI models that can work on any stage of plant can be a challenge.” — Heather Clair “It's incredible how working with my AI team has opened up my eyes to being able to look at these plants from a very logical standpoint.” — Heather Clair Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:Heather Clair on LinkedIn


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