March 28, 2024

StoneX Group Director of Data Science Elettra Damaggio

To help us paint a clearer picture of the inner workings of data science, we are joined today by Elettra Damaggio, the Director of Data Science at StoneX Group Inc., a business that connects other companies and people to various markets. Elettra’s foundations in ML are in neural networks and when she joined StoneX, she was thrown into the deep end of data science.

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After describing the work done at StoneX and her role at the organization, Elettra explains what drew her to neural networks, defines data science and how she overcame the challenges of learning something new on the job, breaks down what a data scientist needs to succeed, and shares her thoughts on why many still don’t fully understand the industry. Our guest also tells us how she identifies an inadequate data set, the recent innovations that are under construction at StoneX, how to ensure that your AI and ML models are compliant, and the importance of understanding AI as a mere tool to help you solve a problem.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Elettra Damaggio explains what StoneX Group does and how she ended up there.
  • Her professional journey and how she acquired her skills.
  • The state of neural networks while she was studying them, why she was drawn to the subject, and how it’s changed.
  • StoneX’s data science and ML capabilities when she arrived, and Elettra’s role in the system.
  • Her first experience of being thrown into the deep end of data science, and how she swam.
  • A data scientist’s tools for success.
  • The multidisciplinary leaders and departments that she sought to learn from when she entered data science.  
  • Defining data science, and why many do not fully understand the industry.
  • How Elettra knows when her data set is inadequate.
  • The recent projects and ML models that she’s been working on.
  • Exploring the types of guardrails that are needed when training chatbots to be compliant.
  • Elettra’s advice to those following a similar career path as hers.


“The best thing that you can have as a data scientist to be set up for success is to have a decent data warehouse.” — Elettra Damaggio [0:09:17]

“I am very much an introverted person. With age, I learned how to talk to people, but that wasn’t [always] the case.” — Elettra Damaggio [0:12:38]

“In reality, the hard part is to get to the data set – and the way you get to that data set is by being curious about the business you’re working with.” — Elettra Damaggio [0:13:58]

“[First], you need to have an idea of what is doable, what is not doable, [and] more importantly, what might solve the problem that [the client may] have, and then you can have a conversation with them.” — Elettra Damaggio [0:19:58]

“AI and ML is not the goal; it’s the tool. The goal is solving the problem.” — Elettra Damaggio [0:28:28]


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