August 2, 2023

FreeWheel's VP of Data Science Bob Bress

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Today on How AI Happens, we are joined by Bob Bress, the Vice President and Head of Data Science at FreeWheel, where he leads a team of data science experts in developing and implementing complex analytical solutions for leading-edge technology and advertising programs


Bob highlights the importance of building interdepartmental relationships and growing a talented team of problem solvers, as well as the key role of continuous education. He also offers some insight into the technical and not-so-technical skills of a “data science champion,” tips for building adaptable data infrastructures, and the best career advice he has ever received, plus so much more.For an insider’s look at the data science operation at FreeWheel and valuable advice from an analytics leader with more than two decades of experience, be sure to tune in today!Key Points From This Episode:

  • A high-level overview of FreeWheel, Bob’s role there, and his career trajectory thus far.
  • Important intersections between data science and the organization at large.
  • Three indicators that FreeWheel is a data-driven company.
  • Why continuous education is a key component for agile data science teams.
  • The interplay between data science and the development of AI technology.
  • Technical (and other) skills that Bob looks for when recruiting new talent to his team.
  • Bob’s perspective on the value of interdepartmental collaboration.
  • Insight into what an adaptable data infrastructure looks like.
  • The importance of asking yourself, “What more can we do?”

Tweetables:“As a data science team, it’s not enough to be able to solve quantitative problems. You have to establish connections to the company in a way that uncovers those problems to begin with.” — @Bob_Bress “The more we can do to educate folks – on the type of work that the team does, the better the position we are in to tackle more interesting problems and innovate around new ideas and concepts.” — @Bob_Bress “There are so many interactions and dependencies across any project of sufficient complexity that it’s only through across teams that you’re going to be able to hone in on the right answer.” — @Bob_Bress “There is always more you can do to enhance the work you’re doing, other questions you can ask, other ways you can go beyond just checking a box.” — @Bob_Bress


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