↳Sama’s commitment to our people, the planet, & governance is outlined in our annual Impact Report. Read Now.

↳Sama’s commitment to our people, the planet, & governance is outlined in our annual Impact Report. Read Now.

Managed Service Data Annotation Solutions

Sama Annotate

Powerful data annotation solutions with a full-time in-house workforce reliably produces industry-leading quality annotations for your image, video, and 3D point cloud data.

25% of Fortune 50 companies trust Sama to help them deliver industry-leading ML models

Data Annotation Solutions for Enterprise AI

Annotation quality and data insights that you can trust. No matter how complex your workflows are, Sama consistently has a 99% client acceptance rate.

Sama Annotate

Image Annotation

Power your object detection, classification, and segmentation models with the highest quality annotated data in the industry. Sama supports a wide range of annotation types, taxonomies, and image formats.

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Sama Annotate

Video Annotation

Sama reliably delivers high quality annotated data using advanced object detection, segmentation, and tracking capabilities for your most complex requirements.

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Sama Annotate

3D Point Cloud Annotation

Sama’s powerful point cloud viewer combined with a comprehensive set of annotation capabilities boosts your perception models.

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Managed Data Annotation Solutions for AI

Focus on your algorithms — we’ll provide the fuel.

A powerful combination of highly-skilled annotators and revolutionary AI-powered solutions.

Collaborative Development

Extensive Expertise

Skilled humans-in-the-loop are trained to be experts on your data, proactively raising edge cases and requirement gaps for faster iteration and more accurate results (95+% quality SLA guaranteed).

Sama’s annotators, project managers, engineers, and quality analysts undergo specialized training to become experts on your data.

Your dedicated account team works with you to design a robust data quality strategy and annotation pipeline, even for your most complex workflows.

Our expert annotators leverage our ML-powered platform to bring you efficiency improvements, and a multi-level quality management process coupled with Auto QA features creates tight feedback loops to catch errors and edge cases early.

Custom analytics and reporting give you deep insights into your training data. Leverage our CLI and APIs to automatically send data, re-prioritize tasks, and receive results in real-time.

Why Choose Sama

Sama delivers not only accurate data annotation, but insights and recommendations via our vertically integrated platform combined with human-in-the-loop experts, all while embracing an ethical AI approach. This is exactly why companies come to us when other data annotation solutions fail.


Built for enterprises, supporting the most complex AI models.

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Experience & Expertise

Recognized as the subject matter experts for the enterprise.

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Ethical AI

Responsible actions lead to positive impact. It’s in our DNA.

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Guaranteed data accuracy


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