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Powering Computer Vision for AgTech

Elevate agricultural growth, productivity, and sustainability through high-quality training and validation data, reducing waste and cost.

Drone spraying a field

25% of Fortune 50 companies trust Sama to help them deliver industry-leading ML models

Use Cases

Computer Vision Solutions for Precision Agriculture & Food

Agtech doesn’t use only drones to capture images but also cameras, mobile phones; satellites; sensors etc to monitor crop health, detect diseases, pests, or weeds early on to minimize crop damage and maximize yield.

  • Precision herbicide application to weeds, reducing chemical waste, costs and protecting crops
  • Gauge crop heath by managing plant stress, disease or pests
  • Precision irrigation reduces water waste and conserves resources

Understand the health, behavior, and well-being of livestock with computer vision insights. habits, or identify signs of distress, enabling early intervention and improved animal management.

  • Track movement patterns to detect anomalies
  • Monitor feeding habits
  • Identify early signs of distress for immediate intervention
crop sorting computer vision agriculture

Enable autonomous harvesting to identify ripe fruits or vegetables and perform accurate harvesting to reduce labor-intensive tasks, improve efficiency, and minimize product damage.

  • Auto-sort produce of different shapes and sizes to improve efficiencies and save costs
  • Identify ripe fruits or vegetables to determine optimal picking points
  • Identify poor quality crops or foreign materials for improved quality assurance

Get better visibility into food waste streams with data-driven insights to reduce food waste, save costs and have a positive impact on the environment.

  • Identify which foods are wasting most often, in order to better manage budgets and waste levels
  • Reduce food waste and conserve costs with less food going to landfills

Sama Annotation Solutions For AgTech

Sama Annotate

Image Annotation

Highly accurate image analysis allows you to prevent and control crop diseases to produce high-quality and pollution-free agricultural products while achieving high yields. Automatic grading and quality inspection of agricultural products also helps you better improve the economic benefits of your products

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apple sorting computer vision agriculture
Sama Annotate

Video Annotation

Advanced video annotation tools with complex object tracking for automated management of modern farms, livestock monitoring, automatic crop harvesting, and more.

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Sama Annotate

3D LiDAR & Radar

High-quality 3D training data at scale for a wide range of use cases like monitoring the health of crops or checking soil conditions through geo sensing and visual sensing.

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Crop health monitoring computer vision for agriculture

Case Studies

High quality and accurate annotation solutions for the most complex
Agriculture & Food ML Models.

Reduce the Risk of AI Model Failure due to Bad Data

Sama Delivers Quality at Scale

Our secure data annotation platform combined with our human-in-the-loop
experts make it easy to manage your training data pipeline at scale.

AgTech Experts

Our data experts have Identified anomalies, pests, and diseases in plants for >2000 anomalies against 2-3 hr SLA globally for over a decade.


No matter how complex your AgTech workflows, as you scale, Sama consistently delivers 99% acceptance rate, even with high ambiguity of images and prevalence of edge cases.


Scalable, proprietary ML-assisted annotation technology allows for higher accuracy and 3x increased efficiency as our workforce annotates millions of tasks per month.

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