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Orbisk uses Accurate AI to Help Restaurants Reduce Food Waste Up to 70%

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How Vulcan is Using AI for Wildlife Conservation

Vulcan is committed to using AI for wildlife conservation in order to better protect wild plant and animal species and their habitat. To power their technology, they needed uncompromisingly high-quality data.

How Indoor Robotics Improved Training Data To Enhance Model Performance

Indoor Robotics utilizes advanced robotics technology to revolutionize indoor security and monitoring, effectively tackling these challenges.

How Sama’s Accurate AI is Helping Blind Runners Run Independently

Project Guideline — an early-stage research project by Google that explores how on-device machine learning can help people with reduced vision walk and run for exercise independently — partnered with Sama to help fuel their experimental technology.

High-Quality Labels Power Accurate Search for Walmart’s 385 Million Online Visitors

When Walmart set out to improve search relevance on their online store, they needed a labeling partner who could scale with demand without sacrificing quality.

Sama Powers Tribe Dynamics to Measure Your Influencer Marketing Efforts

Tribe Dynamics helps leading global brands operationalize, scale, and measure their influencer programs. Since 2017, Sama has powered this technology, training Tribe’s algorithms to better serve global brands.

Swift Cost-Effectively Scaled Annotations Without Compromising Accuracy

The Swift Skin and Wound mobile app brings AI to the bedside to help patients and clinicians monitor wound health. Swift partnered with Sama to cost-effectively scale annotations for their CV model, without compromising the clinician-level accuracy they needed.

PolyPerception’s Accurate Data Gives Sorting Facilities Better Waste Stream Visibility

PolyPerception partnered with Sama to help fuel their AI-powered waste management platform, which gives plastics and material recovery facilities better visibility into their waste streams so they can operate more efficiently and responsibly.

Accurate Data Labeling Powers the Volumental Shoe Sizing App

Volumental produces shoe recommendations for millions of shoppers by leveraging a combination of 3D foot scans, retail purchase data, and AI. Their team partnered with Sama to label the datasets that fuel the computer vision technology for their mobile foot scanning app.

Orbisk is Using Accurate AI to Help Restaurants Reduce Food Waste Up to 70%

Orbisk partnered with Sama to label the data that fuels their AI-powered food waste monitoring solution, empowering chefs and restaurant managers with data-driven insights to help them shrink food waste by as much as 70%.

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