May 8, 2024

Gen AI Model Evaluation for Custom Ad Imagery

Gen AI Model Evaluation for Custom Ad ImageryAbstract background shapes
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Crafting Seamless Realities: The Art of AI-Enhanced Product Ads

A leading Fortune 100 company with an advertising division wanted to scale custom ad imagery by leveraging AI.

Their objective was to integrate custom-generated, contextual backgrounds into product ads so that products don't just sit against a backdrop, but belong there. This enhances the viewer's connection to the product and ultimately increases conversion rates.

When using Gen AI images, it is critical to ensure that the foreground seamlessly blends with its new setting for an optimal experience.

Adding a Human-in-the-Loop Validation Process

The client engaged Sama to evaluate the performance of their Gen AI model. After conducting a collaborative launch session to define requirements, we aligned on how to evaluate and score images. 

  • Quality: is the image clear and not blurry or pixelated?
  • Relevance: does the background suit the product, allowing the product to flow naturally?
  • Naturalness: is the product placement natural with no hallucinations (i.e. an extra hand or leg).  

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