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What’s new in AI development? Listen in on fascinating discussions and groundbreaking insights with industry leaders.

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BNY Mellon AI Hub Managing Director Michael Demissie

Joining us today to provide insight on how to put together a credible AI solutions team is Mike Demissie, Managing Director of the AI Hub at BNY Mellon.

Mercedes-Benz Executive Manager for AI Alex Dogariu

Today, we welcome to the show the Executive Manager for AI at Mercedes-Benz, Alex Dogariu. Alex explains his role at the company, he tells us how realistic chatbots need to be, how he and his team measure the accuracy of their AI programs,

Veritone Head of Product & Engineering Chris Doe

We are joined today by Veritone’s own Head of Engineering & Product, Chris Doe, to discuss AI applications in enterprise and what is top of mind for companies when it comes to incorporating these emerging technologies.

Microsoft Technical Strategist Valeria Sadovykh, PhD

Valeria holds a PhD. in informative systems and has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the topic of responsible AI. She shares the findings of her doctoral research at the University of Auckland, what drew her to responsible AI,

Gradient Ventures Founder Anna Patterson

Anna Patterson is the Founder and Managing Partner of Gradient Ventures, a full-service seed and series A fund. We discuss the contrast between an AI winter and the standard hype cycles that exist,

Wayfair Director of Machine Learning Tulia Plumettaz

Wayfair uses AI and machine learning (ML) technology to interpret what its customers want, connect them with products nearby, and ensure that the products they see online look and feel the same as the ones that ultimately arrive in their homes.

FreeWheel’s VP of Data Science Bob Bress

Bob highlights the importance of building interdepartmental relationships and growing a talented team of problem solvers, as well as the key role of continuous education.

Declarative ML with Ludwig Creator & Predibase CEO & Co-Founder Piero Molino

Piero Molino, the CEO and Co-Founder at Predibase and the creator of Ludwig.ai discusses the various ways he applied AI at Uber, his background in machine learning,

dRISK CEO Chess Stetson & COO Rav Babbra

dRisk uses a unique approach to increasing AV safety: collecting real-life scenarios and data from accidents, insurance reports, and more to train autonomous vehicles on extreme edge cases.

Stantec GenerationAV Founder Corey Clothier

Today we are joined by Autonomous Mobility Strategist and Stantec GenerationAV Founder, Corey Clothier, to discuss Stantec’s approach to measuring and assessing the safety and risk of autonomous vehicles prior to deployment

Credit Karma VP Engineering Vishnu Ram

With close to nine years of experience at Credit Karma, Vishnu has been instrumental in building the company’s data science operation from the ground up.

Vector Search with Algolia CTO Sean Mullaney

Sean explains ins and outs of Algolia’s disruptive vector search technology, and why vector search provides much more relevant results than keyword-based search.


Assessing Computer Vision Models with Roboflow’s Piotr Skalski

Piotr discusses his criteria for evaluating computer vision models, as well as a breakdown of what makes Meta’s recent “Segment Anything” Model exciting.

DataRobot’s Global AI Ethicist Haniyeh Mahmoudian, Ph.D

In our conversation, we learn about her professional journey and how this led to her working at DataRobot, what she realized was missing from the DataRobot platform, and what she did to fill the gap.

Data Scientist & Developer Advocate Kristen Kehrer

In this episode, Comet Data Scientist & Developer Advocate Kristen Kehrer tells us how she marries data science and content marketing in her role at Comet and what she has learned about computer vision from her guests on The Cool Data Projects Show.

Blue Collar AI with Kirk Borne Ph.D

Dr. Borne shares the history of data collection and analysis in astronomy and the evolution of cookies on the internet and explains the concept of Web3 and the future of data ownership

Training Biometric Tech with Head of AI George Williams

George Williams, a silicon valley tech veteran who most recently served as Head of AI at SmileIdentity, shares his views on the growth of AI in Africa, what and how biometrics works, a

Climate Change AI Co-Founder Dr. Priya Donti

Priya Donti is the Co-founder and Executive Director of Climate Change AI (CCAI), a global non-profit initiative to catalyze impactful work at the intersection of climate change and machine learning.

Genetec Director of Video Analytics Florian Matusek

Florian Matusek, Genetec’s Director of Video Analytics and the host of Video Analytics 101 on YouTube, explains the importance of maintaining security and privacy, new waves of special analytics

Credo AI Founder & CEO Navrina Singh

Credo AI is a company that provides compliance and governance protocols to AI tech companies, and today we are joined by its Founder and CEO, Navrina Singh.

Arize Founding Engineer Tsion Behailu

Tsion discusses current challenges in ML observability, and explains how Arize’s Bias Tracing Tool was developed to help companies root out bias in their models.

Autonomous Aerial Disaster Relief with Head of Engineering Ian Foster

Johnson & Johnson’s Senior Director of Data Science, Curren Katz, explains the parallels between neuroscience and AI development, including when we should strive to mirror human cognition in technology,

Johnson & Johnson Sr. Director Data Science Curren Katz

Johnson & Johnson’s Senior Director of Data Science, Curren Katz, explains the parallels between neuroscience and AI development, including when we should strive to mirror human cognition in technology,

Microsoft’s AI for Science Senior Director Bonnie Kruft

Listen to today’s episode for a careful look at how AI can be used to improve player experience and how gaming can act as a testing ground to improve AI in everyday life.

Valo Health Chief AI Officer Brandon Allgood

Listen to today’s episode for a careful look at how AI can be used to improve player experience and how gaming can act as a testing ground to improve AI in everyday life.

AI Drones in Agriculture with Precision AI’s Heather Clair

Listen to today’s episode for a careful look at how AI can be used to improve player experience and how gaming can act as a testing ground to improve AI in everyday life.

AI in Video Games with Head of Data & AI Xiaoyang

Listen to today’s episode for a careful look at how AI can be used to improve player experience and how gaming can act as a testing ground to improve AI in everyday life.

Lead Full Stack AI Engineer Becks Simpson

EPISODE SUMMARY Joining us today is the lead full stack AI engineer at Rogo as well as the lead guitarist for Des Confitures, Becks Simpson. Becks studied mechatronics in Australia and has a background in robotics. She moved into AI at a medical imaging startup before she came to Montreal to do a research project ... Read more

Neural Rendering with fxguide Co-Founder Dr. Mike Seymour

EPISODE SUMMARY The movie industry is not immune to the innovations of AI and machine learning, with many different technologies being developed for application in production and film. In particular, is the role of AI in inferring ‘Digital Humans’ for post-movie production processes. In this conversation, we hear all about this amazing new technology from ... Read more

PwC UK’s AI for Good Lead Maria Luciana Axente

Ethics in AI is considered vital to the healthy development of all AI technologies, but this is easier said than done. In this episode of How AI Happens, we speak to Maria Luciana Axente to help us unpack this essential topic.

Building Responsible AI with Mieke de Ketelaere

EPISODE SUMMARY Mieke is an Adjunct Professor for Sustainable Ethical and Trustworthy AI at Vlerick Business School. During this episode, Mieke shares her thoughts on how we can go about building responsible AI systems so that the world can experience the full range of benefits of AI. EPISODE NOTES The gap between those creating AI ... Read more

Allied Digital CDO Utpal Chakraborty

EPISODE SUMMARY Today, on How AI Happens, we are joined by the Chief Digital Officer at Allied Digital, Utpal Chakraborty, to talk all things AI at Allied Digital. You’ll hear about Utpal’s AI background, how he defines Allied Digital’s mission, and what Smart Cities are and how the company captures data to achieve them, as ... Read more

Calibrate Ventures Partners Jason Schoettler, Kevin Dunlap

EPISODE SUMMARY Venture capitalists are investing heavily in technology, but what about deep-technology and AI companies? In today’s show, we speak to Jason Schoettler and Kevin Dunlap, both veterans in the technology sector. They have both worked in a range of areas within technology, such as working on the Mars Rover, with most of their ... Read more

x.AI Founder Dennis Mortensen

EPISODE SUMMARY Today’s guest, Dennis Mortensen, is a serial entrepreneur whose most recent venture (x.ai) focuses on teaching machines to schedule meetings. He shares with us what this challenging (and rewarding) journey looked like, and the valuable (and sometimes surprising) lessons he and his team learned. We also discuss giving empathy to machines, expectations, and ... Read more

Unity SVP of AI Danny Lange: The Industrial Metaverse

EMBEDRECASTSUBSCRIBE EPISODE SUMMARY Danny Lange, the Senior Vice President of AI at Unity, discusses the simulation, synthetic data, and the opportunity of the Industrial Metaverse. EPISODE NOTES Leading AI companies are adopting simulation, synthetic data and other aspects of the metaverse at an incredibly fast rate, and the opportunities for AI/machine learning practitioners are endless. ... Read more

CarbonChain Head of Data & Machine Learning Archy De Berker

EPISODE SUMMARY Archy de Berker began his journey with machine learning in the context of academic neuroscience, interested in how machine learning can help us understand the brain. Today, he is the Head of Data and Machine learning at CarbonChain, driven by his desire to apply machine learning to climate change solutions. EPISODE NOTES In ... Read more

Privacy in AI with MATR Ventures Partner Hessie Jones

EPISODE SUMMARY The question of AI ethics and privacy is becoming more relevant by the millisecond. Joining us today to discuss the complexity, evolution, and the future of privacy in the AI space, is Venture Partner of MATR Ventures, Hessie Jones. EPISODE NOTES MATR Ventures Partner, Hessie Jones, is dedicated to solving issues around AI ... Read more

Qualcomm Head of AI & ML Product Management Dr. Vinesh Sukumar

EPISODE SUMMARY During Vinesh Sukumar’s colorful career he has worked at NASA, Apple, Intel, and a variety of other companies, before finding his way to Qualcomm where he is currently the Head of AI/ML Product Management. In today’s conversation, Vinesh shares his experience of developing the camera for the very first iPhone and one of ... Read more

AI in the Metaverse with Dr. Mark Rijmenam

EPISODE SUMMARY Big data analytics, blockchain technologies, and artificial intelligence force us to rethink existing business models and develop the organizations of tomorrow. Joining us on this episode of How AI Happens is four-time author, entrepreneur, future tech strategist, and The Digital Speaker himself, Dr. Mark van Rijmenam. As an expert on disruptive innovation like ... Read more

IBM Master Inventor & AI Advisor to the UN Neil Sahota

EPISODE SUMMARY Today’s guest is not afraid of a challenge. In fact, throughout his life, he has always sought to solve big issues through disruptive and innovative technologies. Neil Sahota is an AI Advisor to the UN, co-founder of the UN’s AI for Good initiative, IBM Master Inventor, and author of Own the AI Revolution. ... Read more

Prospitalia Group CEO Dr. Marcell Vollmer

Dr. Marcell Vollmer is the CEO of Prospitalia Group, formerly Chief Innovation Officer at Celonis and Chief Digital Officer at SAP. He joins to discuss Machine Learning advances in MedTech and how practitioners can be thoughtful about when it is appropriate to deploy ML. Stream the full episode below, or head here to select your ... Read more

AI Safety Engineering – Dr. Roman Yampolskiy

Today’s guest has committed many years of his life to trying to understand Artificial Superintelligence and the security concerns associated with it.  Dr. Roman Yampolskiy is a computer scientist (with a Ph.D. in behavioral biometrics), and an Associate Professor at the University of Louisville. He is also the author of the book Artificial Superintelligence: A ... Read more

GRID.ai’s Lead AI Educator Sebastian Raschka

Joining us today on How AI Happens is Sebastian Raschka, Lead AI educator at GRID.ai and Assistant Professor of Statistics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  Sebastian fills us in on the coursework he’s creating in his role at GRID.ai, and we find out what can be attributed to the crossover of machine learning in academia ... Read more

Edge Computing & AI Readiness with Antonio Grasso

Antonio Grasso joins us to explain how he empowers some of the biggest companies in the world to use AI in a meaningful way and explains the two ways his company goes about this. You’ll hear about what Antonio believes is coming down the pipeline in terms of the Internet of Things, especially when it ... Read more

The Future of NLP with AI Professor, Vice Rector, & Researcher Aleksandra Przegalinska

Today's guest is Aleksandra Przegalinska PhD, Vice-Rector at Kozminski University, research associate, and Polish futurist. From studying pure philosophy, Aleksandra moved into AI when she started researching natural language processing in the virtual space. We kickstart our discussion with her account of how she ended up where she is now, and how she transferred her ... Read more

Unpacking Facial Recognition Technology at CyberLink

CyberLink Senior Vice President of Global Marketing and US General Manager Richard Carriere and Head of Sales Engineering Craig Campbell join to discuss the endless use cases for facial recognition technology, how CyberLink is improving the tech's accuracy & security, and the ethical considerations of deploying FRT at scale. CyberLink's facial recognition technology routinely registers ... Read more

Universal Autonomy with Oxbotica VP of Technology Ben Upcroft

Oxbotica is a vehicle software company at the forefront of autonomous technology, and today we have a fascinating chat with Ben Upcroft, the Vice President of Technology.

Upleveling Data Labeling with Sama’s Jerome Pasquero

As a Senior Product Manager at Sama, Jerome Pasquero understands the power of data, and he joins us today to share a wealth of knowledge on how better annotation ensures better models. Key Points From This Episode: Jerome’s background, interest in AI, and how he landed his role at Sama. Social initiatives, training data, and ... Read more

A Highly Compositional Future with Dr. Eric Daimler

Dr. Daimler is an authority in Artificial Intelligence with over 20 years of experience in the field as an entrepreneur, executive, investor, technologist, and policy advisor. He is also the founder of data integration firm Conexus, and we kick our conversation off with the work he is doing to integrate large heterogeneous data infrastructures. This ... Read more

Transfer Learning & Solving Unstructured Data with Indico Data CTO Slater Victoroff

Irrespective of the application or the technology, a common problem among AI professionals always seems to be data. Is there enough of it? What do we prioritize? Is it clean? How do we annotate it? Today’s guest, however, believes that AI is not data-limited but compute-limited. Joining us to share some very interesting insights on ... Read more

AI Opportunity in the Space Ecosystem with Space Foundation COO Shelli Brunswick

The innovations that drive space exploration not only aid us in discovering other worlds, but they also benefit us right here on earth. Today’s guest is Shelli Brunswick, who joins us to talk about the role of AI in space exploration and how the ‘space ecosystem’ can create jobs and career opportunities on Earth. Shelli ... Read more

Autonomous Vehicles’ Impact on Cities with Lyft’s Sarah Barnes

A future filled with autonomous vehicles promises to be a driving utopia. Maximum efficiency navigation decreasing traffic and congestion, safety features that drastically reduce collisions with other cars, bikes, or pedestrians, and an electric-first approach that lowers greenhouse gas emissions. But as with all disruptive technologies, the journey to functional autonomous driving future isn’t a ... Read more

The Opportunity of NLG with Arria CTO Neil Burnett

Arria CTO Neil Burnett explains how advances in NLG will develop trust and more widespread adoption in AI Technologies. Arria is a Natural Language Generation company that replicates the human process of expertly analyzing and communicating data insights. We caught up with their CTO, Neil Burnett, to learn more about how Arria's technology goes beyond ... Read more

Developing Solid-State LiDAR with Baraja CTO

If you're familiar with the type of LiDAR devices traditionally deployed in autonomous vehicles and robotics, you may call to mind a rotating device with onboard mirrors. A device that generates instant 3D mapping of a dynamic environment may be sufficiently advanced as far the average consumer is concerned, but in a field characterized by ... Read more

Building Trustworthy Behaviomedics with Blueskeye CEO Michel Valstar

Academic turned entrepreneur Michel Valstar joins How AI Happens to explain how his behaviomedics company, Blueskeye AI, prioritizes building trust with their users. Much of the approach features data opt-ins and on-device processing, which necessarily results in less data collection. Michel explains how his team is able to continue gleaning meaningful insight from smaller portions ... Read more

Facebook’s Manohar Paluri Makes Machines See

Manohar Paluri has spent the bulk of his career developing methods to make machines see. Now, in his role as Director, Artificial Intelligence at Facebook (now Meta), computer vision is one building block in the massive undertaking of developing egocentric perception: making sense of data collected from a first-person perspective via wearable devices. Mano joined ... Read more

Responsible AI Economics with Katya Klinova & The Partnership on AI

In recent years, the focus of AI developers has been to implement technologies that replace basic human labor. Talking to us today about why this is the wrong application for AI (right now), is Katya Klinova, the Head of AI, Labor, and the Economy at The Partnership on AI. Tune in to find out why ... Read more

Moxie the Conversational AI Robot Teaches Children Kindness

When you were a child, do you remember learning what it means to be kind? What about reading sadness in someone’s face, understanding the anger you felt, or respecting personal space? If you don’t remember learning about any of these human moments, then Moxie, a conversational AI robot built by Embodied, is the android friend ... Read more

Using AI to Accelerate Creativity with Matevž Klanjšek

Today we talk to Celtra Founder and CPO, Matevž Klanjšek, about how AI can be used to accelerate creativity, and what would happen if it eventually replaces humans in the creative space. We discuss the limitations of the tools currently available, why Matevž isn’t interested in teaching AI variance, and how humans and AI need ... Read more

Evolutionary Programming with Dr. Bill Porto

Joining us today is Dr. Bill Porto, Redpoint Senior Analytics Engineer and storied AI researcher, academic, and developer. Bill shares all his current projects, including pattern recognition and optimization models, and he reveals what it was like to work with the father of Evolutionary Programming, Dr. Larry Fogel. We touch on a new definition for ... Read more

Turning Expertise into Algorithms with Mavenoid CEO Shahan Lilja

CEO Shahan Lilja joins to explain how Mavenoid is able to deploy custom chat bots in a matter of minutes, the processes by which these tools get better over time, and how the ability to automatically turn technical expertise into an algorithm that can be utilized at scale is amplifying human intelligence. Stream the full ... Read more

Solving Conversational AI with Valyant AI CEO Rob Carpenter

Rob Carpenter is the founder and CEO of Valyant AI, which is on a journey to solve the complex problem of conversational AI in the food service industry. In today’s episode, Rob explains the three main components of AI speech processing (and the challenges that arise at each of these nodes), how conversational AI has ... Read more

Nuances of Speech Recognition with Cogito’s Dr. John Kane

Dr. John Kane, Head of Signal Processing & Machine Learning at Cogito, explains the challenges brought on by the oft-repeated truism "speech is more than text", and how Cogito addresses these challenges to deliver real-time conversational insight to their users. Later, John explains the holistic approach to ensuring machine learning technology is created in a ... Read more

Microsoft’s Priyanka Roy on Design Thinking & Data Governance

Data & AI Solution Specialist for Microsoft, Priyanka Roy, explains how Design Thinking is a crucial approach in the development of any AI technology, and how its proper utilization results in better products and more effective teams. Priyanka also outlines the key pillars of a successful data governance approach, and the utility of "thick" data. ... Read more

Representation in AI with Walmart Global Tech Leaders Anshu Bhardwaj & Desirée Gosby

Walmart's SVP of Global Technology Anshu Bhardwaj and VP of Emerging Technology Desirée Gosby join Sama CEO Wendy Gonzalez for a roundtable discussion about representation in AI, explainable & ethical AI, and how representative teams are a key way to reduce biases in AI technology. Stream the full episode below, or head here to select ... Read more

Predictive & Declarative AI with Theresa Benson

Theresa Benson, Product Storyteller for InRule Technology, explains the opportunity of combining declarative AI with predictive AI, and how InRule Technology is using predictive AI to empower non AI experts to develop algorithms from their existing domain knowledge. Stream the full episode below, or head here to select your favorite listening app.   Related Resources ... Read more

Solving Supply & Demand in Healthcare with LeanTaaS CEO Mohan Giridharadas

LeanTaaS CEO Mohan Giridharadas explains how his team is solving the Supply & Demand challenge within healthcare, how the algorithms are stress tested in order to handle extreme edge cases, as well as how drift is defined, detected, and resolved in a customer-centric fashion. Stream the full episode below, or head here to select your ... Read more

Anna Susmelj: Latent Space, Causality, and Computational Biology

Anna Susmelj explains her research at Facebook AI developing optimal drug combinations for the treatment of complex diseases, as well as her background in causality research. Anna's Facebook Research: AI predicts effective drug combinations to fight complex diseases faster. Stream the full episode below, or head here to select your favorite listening app.   Related ... Read more

Making AI Development Global with Google’s Laurence Moroney

Many of the exciting advances in AI have resulted from well-funded companies and research departments, stocked with high-performance computers and every shiny toy the AI practitioner could want. But according to Laurence Moroney, Lead AI Advocate at Google, that’s not the only way to develop artificial intelligence. So these students got together and they realized... ... Read more

Kelvin Wursten: Tensor Flow Models in Healthcare

Kelvin Wursten, leader of PointClickCare's Data Science team, explains how they are utilizing AI to help solve complicated supply vs. demand calculations in hospital emergency departments, as well as the challenge of balancing building awesome technology while still prioritizing the user's needs. Stream the full episode below, or head here to select your favorite listening ... Read more

Igor Susmelj: More Data is Not The Answer

Igor Susmelj, Co-Founder of Lightly.ai, explains how most companies don't have a problem of too little data, but rather of far too much irrelevant data. He details Lightly's approach of utilizing self-supervised learning to pare down massive data sets into something that can be useful to a supervised learning approach. Stream the full episode below, ... Read more

Hyperscience CEO Peter Brodsky: Making AI Backwards Compatible with Reality

Hyperscience co-founder and CEO Peter Brodsky explains why standards are fundamentally at odds with innovation, and how making technology that is backwards compatible with reality is Hyperscience's approach. Key topics: The future of Human-in-the-loop processes Using synthetic data to train deep learning algorithms Why the solution to data entry automation will  prove to be the ... Read more

Director of AI Research Ram: AI in the Enterprise

Director of AI Research, Ramprakash Ramamoorthy, explains how ManageEngine's tools predict anomalies, the long term utility of Human-in-the-Loop AI, and how they've used sentiment analysis & transfer learning to overcome a lack of data. Stream the full episode below, or head here to select your favorite listening app and view the full transcript.  Related ... Read more

Gyant CEO Stefan Behrens: Building Datasets & Ensuring Interpretability

Gyant CEO & Co-Founder Stefan Behrens explains the challenges inherent in creating datasets for healthcare purposes, as well as the importance of building interpretability into their AI tools. Stream the full episode below, or head here to select your favorite listening app and view the full transcript. Related Resources PodcastBNY Mellon AI Hub Managing Director ... Read more

Sama CEO Wendy Gonzalez on Upskilling Talent from Developing Nations

AI starts with data. Clean, curated, labeled, ready-to-plug-into-your-models data. But it’s not always so easy to get your hands on a dataset that you can use to quickly and efficiently push your models into production. That’s why the individuals who focus on data labeling are so important, and why Sama is making huge efforts to ... Read more

An Ensemble Approach to Optimization with George Corugedo

CTO George Corugedo explains how the relationship between physics and math is a model for the relationship between business questions and artificial intelligence, as well as Redpoint Global's ensemble approach to optimization. Stream the full episode below, or head here to select your favorite listening app and view the full transcript. Related Resources PodcastBNY Mellon ... Read more

Adnan Khaleel: Speed vs. Accuracy

Adnan Khaleel, Sr. Director of Global Sales Strategy for HPC & AI at Dell, explains how companies are using HPC and containerization to scale their AI implementations, as well as how Dell parallelized a radiology algorithm, drastically improving both speed and accuracy. ChexNet Parallelization Study Stream the full episode below, or head here to select ... Read more

How AI Happens: A Podcast by AI Practitioners for AI Practitioners

How AI Happens is a podcast featuring experts and practitioners explaining their work at the cutting edge of AI/ML. Tune in to hear AI Researchers, Data Scientists, ML Engineers, and the leaders of today’s most exciting AI companies explain the newest and most challenging facets of their field. Every day, most of us will touch ... Read more

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