Your Data Annotation Partner

Why Sama

Sama de-risks ML models, delivering best-in-class data annotation solutions with our enterprise-strength, experience & expertise, and ethical AI approach.


  • We save you time and money
    As your partner, we do the heavy lifting so your ML engineers can focus on getting models into production and keeping them there. We catch issues before they require costly rework or delays.
  • We bring the data annotation experts to you
    We have a full time employee workforce of 4,000 trained data annotation experts, and we match the right expertise to your specific model.
  • One-stop data annotation shop
    We manage your entire data annotation pipeline: datasets admin, data prep, API integration, curation, SME training, expert annotation, and professional services.
  • We eliminate bad data
    We get you into production faster by looking at your data, with heavy human-in-the-loop iteration, and a mix of heuristic and operational best practices.
  • Guaranteed SLAs
    We guarantee 95% SLA in every contract, and we pride ourselves on overachieving this metric, often delivering as high as 99% customer acceptance rate.
  • Integrated Calibration Process
    Using our mutually agreed upon quality rubric, we de-risk the chances of your intentions being lost in translation. Unlike vendors who leave you on your own, we provide collaborative sessions with a solutions engineer, project manager, and QA agent. With continuous alignment with your team, this is how we deliver quality performance as you scale.
  • Auto QA
    Through our proprietary QA tool customized to your workflow, our QA agents identify errors in real-time (not after the dataset is completed), saving them 1-3 hours of QA per day, allowing us to scale faster.
  • Scalable platform
    Through MICROMODEL technology, coupled with human-in-the-loop expertise, we annotate 3X faster and more accurately with fewer clicks than competitive offerings.
  • Dedicated workforce
    Our workforce of Sama employee annotators screen your data, dramatically reducing the risk of inappropriate photos and data being shared publicly.
  • Physical and logical security
    We have ISO certified delivery centers, biometric authentication, and user authentication with 2FA to ensure a secure work environment.
  • Vulnerability testing
    Automated security scanning and external pen-testing protects our customers.
  • Regulatory compliance
    We are GDPR compliant as a data processor, as well as CCPA compliant. We secure all information shared with us, including PII.
  • Data protection
    We use data storage encryption via industry-standard TLS/SSL, protecting your data from unauthorized access and corruption.
  • Single-Sign-On (SSO)
    Enterprise-grade SSO integrations, including Okta and SAML, available for easier, more secure access management.


Honoring a long and proven track record of enterprise success

Industry pioneer

We bring 15 years of enterprise success, having pioneered a methodology for creating the most advanced training data that is highly domain driven. When poor data quality sourced from other vendors fail, enterprises turn to us to get it right.

Recognized as the SME of data annotation

We match the right skills for your industry, your data, and your unique needs. Our highly-skilled workforce brings 2-3 years tenure with industry expertise, and our QA agents have a tenure of 4 years.

Collaboration & Partnership

Via our collaborative workspace, view and work on the same tasks with us in real-time. Make adjustments to your annotation instructions, review annotations alongside your Sama counterpart, or jump in and watch our annotators live.

Proactive guidance and insights

Other vendors provide static, after-the-fact reports. We look for patterns and proactively share insights and recommendations promptly, allowing us to tune your model in real-time.


Driving an ethical AI supply chain

Employee base

We have over 4,000 FTE employees focused on annotation efforts. They receive a living wage, real benefits (healthcare, paid PTO, Mat/Pat leave, lunch stipend, and pension).

Certified B Corp

We were one of the first AI company to be a certified B Corp, which recognizes us as a company that leads the way in building a sustainable and inclusive economy.

MIT Validated

MIT’s study concluded that after three years individuals who were trained by and worked at Sama were earning 60% more than individuals in the control group.

Ethical AI

A purpose-driven business model, built for impact

Sama is driving an ethical AI supply chain that meaningfully improves employment and income outcomes for those with the greatest barriers to work.

Our Impact


Guaranteed data accuracy


Events tracked per month to improve our product and processes with A/B testing


Lives impacted to date thanks to our purpose-driven business model