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Sama Go: Free Data Annotation Tool

Leverage Sama’s free data annotation platform to take complete control of your model’s development, producing high-quality training data in a secure environment.

Trusted by leading companies around the world

Sama Go Self-Service Annotation Platform

Sama’s giving you the keys to our free ML-powered data annotation platform so you can get started quickly with test sets, stay close to your data to uncover edge cases early, and scale up annotations strategically as you experiment with your models.

Sama Annotate

Image Annotation

High-quality annotated image data for object detection, localization, and segmentation for a wide range of use cases.

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Sama Annotate

Video Annotation

High-quality & precision video data annotation at scale.

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Sama Annotate

3D Point Cloud Annotation

Uncompromisingly accurate annotated point cloud and LiDAR data.

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How Sama’s Free Data Annotation Platform Works

Sama Go allows you to easily create, organize, and augment ML datasets to accelerate the deployment of your models.

Create a new project from scratch, or start annotating within minutes using our demo projects

Upload your dataset securely to Sama’s platform – create a brand new dataset or import your own

Edit your project configuration – add your own taxonomy or use our pre-defined templates

Start annotating and get results within minutes

Fine tune your taxonomy as you uncover edge cases

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Why Choose Sama Go

Unlock the innovative potential of Artificial Intelligence yourself with Sama’s free data annotation platform.

Save Time & Money

Avoid costs/delays associated with hiring external contractors and define requirements faster by doing it yourself.

Get a Head Start

Put together test sets, establish baseline model metrics, and set up an ML training pipeline, at your own pace!

Annotate Efficiently

Used by thousands of annotators every day, our ML-powered annotation tools are built for efficiency and quality.

Experts in complex
workflows across industries

Transportation & Navigation

From autonomous vehicles to navigation aids, power your transportation and navigation solutions with the most accurate data in the industry.

Retail & E-Commerce

With consumer expectations on the rise, delightful and engaging AI solutions must be fueled by uncompromisingly high-quality data.

Robotics & Manufacturing

Help your customers reduce costs, increase productivity, and reinforce safety with highly accurate training data for robotics and manufacturing.


Data accuracy — guaranteed when you boost your projects — compared to 88.5% for leading competitors.


Events tracked per month to improve our product and processes with A/B testing.


Lives impacted to date thanks to our purpose-driven business model.

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