May 5, 2023

Vector Search with Algolia CTO Sean Mullaney

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Sean explains ins and outs of Algolia's disruptive vector search technology, and why vector search provides much more relevant results than keyword-based search.


Algolia is an AI-powered search and discovery platform that helps businesses deliver fast, personalized search experiences. In our conversation, Sean shares what ignited his passion for AI and how Algolia is using AI to deliver lightning-fast custom search results to each user. He explains how Algolia's AI algorithms learn from user behavior and talks about the challenges and opportunities of implementing AI in search and discovery processes.We discuss improving the user experience through AI, why technologies like ChatGPT are disrupting the market, and how Algolia is providing innovative solutions. Learn about “hashing,” the difference between keyword and vector searches, the company’s approach to ranking, and much more.Key Points From This Episode:

  • Learn about Sean’s professional journey and previous experience working with AI and e-commerce.
  • Discover why Sean is so passionate about the technology industry and how he was able to see gaps within the e-commerce user experience.
  • Gain insights into the challenges currently facing search engines and why it's not just about how you ask the search engine but also about how it responds.
  • Get an overview of how Algolia's search algorithm differs from the rest and how it trains results on context to deliver lightning-fast, relevant results.
  • Learn about the problems with vectors and how Algolia is using AI to revolutionize the search and discovery process.
  • Sean explains Algolia's approach to ranking search results and shares details about Algolia's new decompression algorithm.
  • Discover how Algolia's breakthroughs were inspired by different fields like biology and the problems facing search engine optimization for the e-commerce sector.
  • Find out when users can expect to see Algolia's approach to search outside of the e-commerce experience.

Tweetables:“Well, the great thing is that every 10 years the entire technology industry changes, so there is never a shortage of new technology to learn and new things to build.” — Sean Mullaney “It is not just the way that you ask the search engine the question, it is also the way the search engine responds regarding search optimization.” — Sean Mullaney


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