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Using AI to Accelerate Creativity with Matevž Klanjšek

Using AI to Accelerate Creativity with Matevž Klanjšek

Today we talk to Celtra Founder and CPO, Matevž Klanjšek, about how AI can be used to accelerate creativity, and what would happen if it eventually replaces humans in the creative space. We discuss the limitations of the tools currently available, why Matevž isn’t interested in teaching AI variance, and how humans and AI need to work together in advertising. Tune in to hear what the future of advertising looks like, and why the human-AI feedback loop is essential. Matevž tells us about the bizarre adverts he’s seen AI produce, and talks us through the evolution of human creativity: from paintings to photographs, and how humans stay relevant when we invent something new.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • An introduction to the founder and CPO of Celtra, Matevž Klanjšek.
  • Where the idea of using AI in advertising came from.
  • How Celtra technology helps creatives scale their media, accelerating creativity.
  • Why AI is the right tool for the job.
  • Two dangers of using AI in advertising: impacting the communication strategy, and losing uniqueness.
  • Can you teach AI variance?
  • Why it’s important to leave space for human error.
  • Humanity in advertising: why brands are trying to be more human.
  • What a collaboration between humans and AI looks like.
  • How human genius lies in building communication strategies.
  • The surprising results when AI tries to create adverts.
  • Playing with generative design: how AI can inspire humans.
  • Why AI won’t replace humans in the future.

Stream the full episode below, or head here to select your favorite listening app.

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