May 22, 2024

Theory Ventures General Partner Tom Tunguz

AI has become the single largest driver of revenue spend for venture capitalists. Today’s guest has sat on the board for many companies and currently serves as a General Partner at Theory Ventures. Tom Tunguz joins us to share his predictions for the future of software along with many other insights from his research into AI, including the importance of being at the forefront of AI developments as a leader, changing metrics to predict future success, and whether or not Generative AI is gearing up to replace Google search.

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Tom shares further thoughts on financing AI tech venture capital and whether or not data centers pose a threat to the relevance of the Cloud, as well as his predictions for the future of GPUs and much more.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • What Tom is currently working on including AI research and growing the team at Theory.
  • How he goes about researching the present to predict the future.
  • Why professionals often work in both academia and the field of AI.
  • What stands out to Tom when he is looking for companies to invest in.
  • Varying applications where an 80% answer has differing relevance.
  • The importance of being at the forefront of AI developments as a leader.
  • Why the metrics of risk and success used in the past are no longer relevant.
  • Tom’s thoughts on whether or not Generative AI will replace search.
  • Financing in the AI tech venture capital space.
  • Differentiating between the Cloud and data centers.
  • Predictions for the future of GPUs.
  • Why ‘hello’ is the best opener for a cold email.


“Innovation is happening at such a deep technological level and that is at the core of machine learning models.” — @tomastungusz [0:03:37]

“Right now, we’re looking at where [is] there rote work or human toil that can be repeated with AI? That’s one big question where there’s not a really big incumbent.” — @tomastungusz [0:05:51]

“If you are the leader of a team or a department or a business unit or a company, you can not be in a position where you are caught off guard by AI. You need to be on the forefront.” — @tomastungusz [0:08:30]

“The dominant dynamic within consumer products is the least friction in a user experience always wins.” — @tomastungusz [0:14:05]

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