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Solving Conversational AI with Valyant AI CEO Rob Carpenter

Solving Conversational AI with Valyant AI CEO Rob Carpenter

Rob Carpenter is the founder and CEO of Valyant AI, which is on a journey to solve the complex problem of conversational AI in the food service industry. In today’s episode, Rob explains the three main components of AI speech processing (and the challenges that arise at each of these nodes), how conversational AI has the capacity to improve conditions for human workers in the food service industry, and what this technology is going to be like in the future. After this episode, you’ll understand the importance of being more thoughtful about how you communicate your next burger and fries order to a conversational AI system.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Rob’s early interest in entrepreneurship.
  • The original idea that Rob wanted to center his company around, and why it didn’t work out that way.
  • What Valyant AI does.
  • Long term goals that Rob has for his company.
  • Challenges of conversational AI in the food service industry.
  • Benefits of being an industry newcomer.
  • The “three amigos” of speech processing.
  • Examples of customer statements which highlight why a natural language processor is such a vital part of AI speech processing.
  • How people need to learn to communicate with AI systems.
  • The deficit of employees in the restaurant industry.
  • Ways that conversational AI improves working conditions for food service industry employees.
  • Progress that we have made as a society as a result of innovation.
  • What we can expect from conversational AI in the next five to ten years.

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