June 7, 2022

Privacy in AI with MATR Ventures Partner Hessie Jones

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The question of AI ethics and privacy is becoming more relevant by the millisecond. Joining us today to discuss the complexity, evolution, and the future of privacy in the AI space, is Venture Partner of MATR Ventures, Hessie Jones.


MATR Ventures Partner, Hessie Jones, is dedicated to solving issues around AI ethics as well as diversity & representation in the space. In our conversation with her, she breaks down how she came to beleive something was wrong with the way companies harvest & use data, and the steps she has taken towards solving the privacy problem. We discuss the danger of intentionally convoluted terms and conditions and the problem with synthetic data. Tune in to hear about the future of biometrics and data privacy and the emerging technologies using data to increase accountability.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Hessie Jones’ background: from marketing to her current role at MATR Ventures.
  • Hessie’s focus on AI ethics and privacy, and diversity in the venture capital space.
  • Her mission to provide equal access to programs and investment.
  • What inspired her to tackle the problem of AI ethics and privacy.
  • The consequences of Snowden and the responsibility of tech to enforce customer privacy.
  • Hessie’s path of seeking the solution to the privacy problem.
  • The danger of blanketed terms and conditions.
  • The problem with synthetic data.
  • Crass uses of facial recognition.
  • Emerging technologies using data to increase accountability.
  • The future of biometrics and data privacy.
  • The mission of MATR Ventures and who they invest in.
  • Examples of technologies MATR Ventures employs to ensure accountability.


“Venture capital is not immune to the diversity problems that we see today.” — Hessie Jones

“We should separate who you are as an individual from who you are as a business customer.” — Hessie Jones

“The problem I see with synthetic data is the rise of deep fakes.” — Hessie Jones

“The future is really about data that’s not shared, or if it’s shared, it’s shared in a way that increases accountability.” — Hessie Jones

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