February 9, 2022

Autonomous Vehicles' Impact on Cities with Lyft's Sarah Barnes

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A future filled with autonomous vehicles promises to be a driving utopia. Maximum efficiency navigation decreasing traffic and congestion, safety features that drastically reduce collisions with other cars, bikes, or pedestrians, and an electric-first approach that lowers greenhouse gas emissions. But as with all disruptive technologies, the journey to functional autonomous driving future isn’t a straight road.

To learn more about the impact a huge increase in AVs on our roads are likely to have, we turned to AV researcher Sarah Barnes. Sarah works on the micro-mobility team at Lyft, and has published a variety of works that document expected implications of more autonomous vehicles in major metropolitan areas. On our podcast, How AI Happens, Sarah argues that without a serious focus on three transport revolutions — making transport shared, electric, and autonomous — congestion and pollution could be here to stay.On this episode, we explore how:

  • Transport experts in local governments define “efficiency.”
  • AI practitioners can bring local governments and other groups into the design process.
  • Increasing amounts of AVs in cities can have both positive and negative impacts.

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