August 14, 2023

Microsoft Technical Strategist Valeria Sadovykh, PhD

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Valeria holds a PhD. in informative systems and has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the topic of responsible AI. She shares the findings of her doctoral research at the University of Auckland, what drew her to responsible AI, and how she encourages AI leaders to prioritize ethical design.


AI is an incredible tool that has allowed us to evolve into more efficient human beings. But, the lack of ethical and responsible design in AI can lead to a level of detachment from real people and authenticity. A wonderful technology strategist at Microsoft, Valeria Sadovykh, joins us today on How AI Happens. Valeria discusses why she is concerned about AI tools that assist users in decision-making, the responsibility she feels these companies hold, and the importance of innovation.We delve into common challenges these companies face in people, processes, and technology before exploring the effects of the democratization of AI. Finally, our guest shares her passion for emotional AI and tells us why that keeps her in the space. To hear it all, tune in now!Key Points From This Episode:

  • An introduction to today’s guest, Valeria Sadovykh.
  • Valeria tells us about her studies at the University of Auckland and her Ph.D.
  • The problems with using the internet to assist in decision making.
  • How ethical and responsible AI frames Valeria’s career.
  • What she is doing to encourage AI leaders to prioritize responsible design.
  • The dangers of lack of authenticity, creativity, and emotion in AI.
  • Whether we need human interaction or not and if we want to preserve it.
  • What responsibility companies developing this technology have, according to Valeria.
  • She tells us about her job at Microsoft and what large organizations are doing to be ethical.
  • What kinds of AI organizations need to be most conscious of ethics and responsible design.
  • Other common challenges companies face when they plug in other technology.
  • How those challenges show up in people, processes, and technology when deploying AI.
  • Why Valeria expects some costs to decrease as AI technology democratizes over time.
  • The importance of innovating and being prepared to (potentially) fail.
  • Why the future of emotional AI and the ability to be authentic fascinates Valeria.

Tweetables:“We have no opportunity to learn something new outside of our predetermined environment.” — @ValeriaSadovykh “ as a concept is very difficult to understand because what is ethical for me might not necessarily be ethical for you and vice versa.” — @ValeriaSadovykh “Ethics – should not come – place of innovation.” — @ValeriaSadovykh “Not following up, not investing, not trying, not failing is also preventing you from success.” — @ValeriaSadovykh


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