August 14, 2023

Gradient Ventures Founder Anna Patterson

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Anna Patterson is the Founder and Managing Partner of Gradient Ventures, a full-service seed and series A fund. We discuss the contrast between an AI winter and the standard hype cycles that exist, her thoughts on sectors that were initially under-hyped, how she navigates hype cycles, and why English is the next programming language.


Key Points From This Episode:

  • She shares her professional journey that eventually led to the founding of Gradient Ventures.
  • How Anna would contrast AI Winter to the standard hype cycles that exist.
  • Her thoughts on how the web and mobile sectors were under-hyped.
  • Those who decide if something falls out of favor; according to Anna.
  • How Anna navigates hype cycles.
  • Her process for evaluating early-stage AI companies.
  • How to assess whether someone is a tourist or truly committed to something.
  • Approaching problems and discerning whether AI is the right answer.
  • Her thoughts on the best application for AI or MLR technology.
  • Anna shares why she is excited about large language models (LLMs).
  • Thoughts on LLMs and whether we should or can we approach AGIs.
  • A discussion: do we limit machines when we teach them to speak the way we speak?
  • Quality AI and navigating fairness: the concept of the Human in the Loop.
  • Boring but essential data tasks: whose job is that?
  • How she feels about sensationalism.
  • What gets her fired up when it is time to support new companies.
  • Advice to those forging careers in the AI and ML space.

Tweetables:“When that hype cycle happens, where it is overhyped and falls out of favor, then generally that is – what is called a winter.” — @AnnapPatterson “No matter how hyped you think AI is now, I think we are underestimating its change.” — @AnnapPatterson “When there is a lot of hype and then not as many breakthroughs or not as many applications that people think are transformational, then it starts to go through a winter.” — @AnnapPatterson@AnnapPatterson


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