December 9, 2022

Genetec Director of Video Analytics Florian Matusek

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Florian Matusek, Genetec’s Director of Video Analytics and the host of Video Analytics 101 on YouTube, explains the importance of maintaining security and privacy, new waves of special analytics, and why real-time improvements are more difficult than back-end adjustments.


Genetec has been a software provider for the physical security industry for over 25 years, earning its spot as the world’s number one software provider in video management. We are pleased to be joined today by Florian Matusek, Genetec’s Director of Video Analytics and the host of Video Analytics 101 on YouTube. Florian explains how his company is driving innovation in the market and what his specific role is before divining into the importance of maintaining both security and privacy, this new wave of special analytics, and why real-time improvements are more difficult than back-end adjustments.Our guest then lists all the exciting things he is witnessing in the world of video analytics and what he hopes to see in re-identification and gait analysis in the future. We discuss synthetic data and whether it will ever be commoditized and close with an exploration of the probable future of grocery stores without any employees.Key Points From This Episode:

  • A warm welcome to the Director of Video Analytics at Genetec, Florian Matusek.
  • How the Video Analytics 101 YouTube channel was formed.
  • The purpose of his YouTube channel and its ideal viewer.
  • What his company does and what his role entails.
  • How Genetec has transformed as a company from its inception until now.
  • The insights Florian hopes to provide to his customers through video analytics.
  • Genetec’s new technology that upholds both security and privacy.
  • Exploring the new wave of spatial analytics.
  • The difference between real-time improvements and gradual, back-end adjustments.
  • New use cases, techniques, and trends that Florian finds exciting.
  • The perks and problems of re-identification.
  • Whether the current technology of gait analysis is reliable and how it relates to re-identification.
  • How technology is evolving to include time-based data collection.
  • The difficulties he experiences in collecting video data to train his models.
  • Whether there’s an opportunity for synthetic data to augment his data strategy.
  • Florian’s thoughts on synthetic data becoming commoditized.
  • Some interesting ways that Genetec’s clients are using its technology.
  • The video analytics behind the automated drinks system at the Denver Broncos stadium.
  • How close we are to a future of grocery stores with no employees or cash registers.

Tweetables:“Nowadays, it's about automation. It's about operational efficiency. It's about integrating video and access control, and license plate recognition, IoT sensors, all into one platform, and providing the user a single pane of glass.” — Florian Matusek “We will always build products that benefit our users, which is the security operators, the ones purchasing it. But at the same time, we see it as our responsibility to also do everything possible to protect the privacy of the citizens that our customers are recording.” — Florian Matusek “What gets me excited are solutions that are really targeted for a specific purpose and made perfect for this purpose.” — Florian Matusek “You need both synthetic data and real data in order to make the real applications work really well.” — Florian Matusek “It's really funny how customers come up with creative ways to solve their specific problems.” — Florian Matusek


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