December 1, 2022

Credo AI Founder & CEO Navrina Singh

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Credo AI is a company that provides compliance and governance protocols to AI tech companies, and today we are joined by its Founder and CEO, Navrina Singh. Navrina tells us why it was essential for her to start Credo AI and why her industry has decided to create its own systems of oversight, even before government intervention.


Navrina shares why trust and transparency are crucial in the AI space and why she believes having a Chief Ethics Officer should become an industry standard. Our conversation ends with a discussion about compliance and what AI tech organizations can do to ensure reliable, trustworthy, and transparent products. To get 30 minutes of uninterrupted knowledge from The National AI Advisory Committee member, Mozilla board of directors member, and World Economic Forum young global leader Navrina Singh, tune in now!Key Points From This Episode:

  • Welcoming today’s guest, CEO and Founder of Credo AI, Navrina Singh.
  • A look at Navrina’s recent background and why she decided to start Credo AI.
  • Why it’s important to take responsibility for the technology you create.
  • The reasons why the AI technology industry chose to create its own systems of oversight.
  • Why trust is a crucial part of the AI technology sector.
  • How Credo AI helps companies engage with issues of transparency and trust.
  • The people at various companies who are in charge of AI governance that Credo deals with.
  • Who Navrina thinks should be responsible for AI governance at every company.
  • Where Credo’s clients usually fall short when it comes to compliance.
  • What AI technology companies should be thinking about beyond compliance.
  • Navrina’s view on what organizations can do to ensure reliable, trustworthy, and transparent tech.

Tweetables:“I always saw technology as the tool that would help me change the world. Especially growing up in an environment where women don’t have the luxury that some other people have, you tend to lean on things that can make your ideas happen, and technology was that for me.” —@navrinasingh “As technologists, it’s our responsibility to make sure that the technologies we are putting out in the world that are becoming the fabric of our society, we take responsibility for it.” —@navrinasingh “By its very nature, trust is all about saying something and then consistently delivering on what you said. That’s how you build trust.” —@navrinasingh “I founded Credo AI for a reason, to bring more honest accountability in artificial intelligence.” —@navrinasingh “We are going to see more trust officers and trust functions emerge within organizations, but I am not really sure if a chief ethics officer is going to emerge as a core persona, at least not in the next two to three years. Is it needed? Absolutely, it’s needed.” —@navrinasingh


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