March 15, 2024

Carrier's Head of AI Seth Walker

Using Data Science to Solve Business Problems with AI with Seth Walker, Head of AI at Carrier

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Today on How AI Happens, we are joined by Seth Walker from Carrier, one of the leading companies in generative AI creation, to discuss how he and his team use an agile and almost chaotic approach to solving business problems with AI. We delve into how to measure success when it comes to building AI models before our guest stresses the importance of prompt engineering skills. Finally, Seth tells us about all of the new AI inventions he is excited about.


Key Points From This Episode:

  • Welcoming Seth Walker to the podcast.
  • Why Seth jokes about being chaotic in his approach to machine learning.
  • The importance of being agile in AI.
  • All about Seth’s company, Carrier, and what they do.
  • Seth tells us about his background and how he ended up at Carrier.
  • How Seth goes about unlocking the power of AI.
  • The different levels of success when it comes to AI creation and how to measure them.
  • Seth breaks down the different things Carrier focuses on.
  • The importance of prompt engineering.
  • What makes him excited about the new iterations of machine learning.


“In many ways, Carrier is going to be a necessary condition in order for AI to exist.” — Seth Walker [0:04:08]

“What’s hard about generating value with AI is doing it in a way that is actually actionable toward a specific business problem.” — Seth Walker [0:09:49]

“One of the things that we’ve found through experimentation with generative AI models is that they’re very sensitive to your content. I mean, there’s a reason that prompt engineering has become such an important skill to have.” — Seth Walker [0:25:56]


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