Our Impact


At Sama, we believe responsible actions lead to positive impact. We have a duty to put people and the planet at the core of our everyday business decisions. Our model, and its goals, help us to be socially accountable to ourselves, our customers, and the world. Responsibility is a journey, and we are committed to being purposeful in our approach at every step along the way.

To Our People

We are committed to creating more equitable access to work opportunities, providing pathways for professional advancement, and fostering equity and inclusion for our team members and in the communities in which they live.

One of the first AI companies
to receive B Corp Certification

Our Priorities

Create more equitable access to work opportunities

We are committed to minimizing barriers to formal employment for historically marginalized groups, especially women and youth living below the international poverty line in East Africa. Through our purposeful hiring model, we’ve connected more than 13,000 individuals to dignified digital work.

Support growth, learning, and career advancement

We are committed to helping our team members learn and grow through formal training, on-the-job skill building, and scholarship programs. We support team members in mapping out their career goals, within or beyond Sama.

Invest in micro enterprises

Through the Leila Janah Foundation, Sama provides funding and mentorship to small social enterprises in Kenya and Uganda. The Foundation’s signature program, the Give Work Challenge, has funded 29 small businesses and provided mentorship and other supports founded and/or led by Sama employees.


Cultivate diversity, equity, and belonging within our teams

We are committed to building a global team and cultivating a company culture that is inclusive, honors and celebrates diversity, and ensures equitable experiences for all. Through ongoing outreach, we aim not only to understand team members’ experiences at Sama, but also priorities and needs of their communities.

Ethical Data Labeling that is Socially Responsible.