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Generative AI

Get Foundation Models to Market 3x Faster

Models run on data–but they also run on expertise.

Leverage a suite of data annotation and model validation solutions designed to help you create high-quality training data for generative and foundation models.

Sama has worked with the world’s most successful Generative AI models. Now you can, too.

25% of Fortune 50 companies trust Sama to help them deliver industry-leading ML models

Foundation Model Development Solutions

Sama’s suite of services supports all types of Generative AI and foundation model development. With over 15 years of annotation industry experience, Sama’s annotation strategies for foundation models help you launch models faster and with the highest quality data available.

Sama’s high-quality image annotation solutions using advanced object detection, semantic segmentation, and tracking capabilities to help you build training data sets for foundation models. We combine ML-assisted technology with a full-time workforce to deliver high-quality ground truth image annotations for foundation model development–regardless of scale or complexity.

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With expertise in handling vast volumes of video data, Sama ensures accurate and high-quality video annotations for training data. Sama’s skilled annotators meticulously label objects, actions, and events, improving foundation model performance. Expert comprehensive shape support, full spectrum labeling, and classification for even the largest of datasets enable competitive foundation models delivered on time.

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Accurate 3D point cloud annotation requires a combination of manual work and industry expertise. Sama’s deep experience in 3D annotation includes LiDAR, radar, and other 3D data. Pre-annotations, sensor fusion, 3D to 2D projection, and more facilitate accurate labeling across moving objects and frames.

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Prediction Validation

Our expert team reviews model predictions to validate outcomes and provide deeper visibility into model performance—including areas of potential bias in the model’s original dataset. Enhance model training data with corrected annotations and model predictions so that each time data is processed, the model improves creating a flywheel effect that reduces the chances of failure.

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Data Curation

Advanced data selection and filtering enables you to prioritize labeling the data that is most likely to improve model performance–enhancing cost efficiency and model maturity. Sama’s data curation for foundation models uses a continuous improvement process to quickly optimize data labeling, with proprietary algorithms and advanced analytics to minimize data drift.

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High-Quality Annotation for Foundation AI

Data diversity and high quality annotations are the foundation of model performance—greater accuracy, shorter training cycles, and on-time model launches.

Our unique approach combines advanced technologies and a human-in-the-loop approach to deliver better models 3x faster, and at a 30% lower total cost of ownership.

Quality at scale with a 99% client acceptance rate across billions of complex annotations
Visibility into model development and actionable insights, like early edge case detection
Highly secure data environment with no external contractors
Dedicated project manager and team with industry expertise

Meet your deadlines, regardless of data volumes or complexity, receive continuous insights, and be a complete partner through the entire project.

What We Offer

Sama’s continuous improvement process for foundation models results in more accurate models. By using partially annotated training data to create an initial model, successive iterations improve each time.

Our solutions provide a wide range of annotations including bounding boxes, polygons, keypoints & points, segmentations, lines and arrows, and cuboids.

Sama’s data annotation for foundation models improves models and reduces the risk of failure. SamaIQ™ combines the expertise of the industry’s best specialists with deep industry knowledge and proprietary algorithms to deliver faster insights and reduce the likelihood of model failure.

SamaAssure™ is the industry’s highest quality guarantee for data annotation for Generative AI. Each data annotation for foundation model development project has a dedicated team of in-house industry experts trained for that specific project. They’ve helped Sama achieve 10 billion data points per month with a 99% client acceptance rate and the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry. Sama’s proactive approach minimizes delays while maintaining quality to help models hit their milestones.

SamaHub™, our collaborative project space, is designed for enhanced communication. Foundation model development clients have access to collaboration workflows, self-service sampling and complete reporting to track their project’s progress, see how their data is being annotated, and shape their model’s advancement.

We offer a variety of integration options, including APIs, CLIs, and webhooks that allow you to seamlessly connect our platform to your existing workflows. The Sama API is a powerful tool that allows you to programmatically query the status of projects, post new tasks to be done, receive results automatically, and more.

What Industries Benefit From Image Annotation Services ?

Image annotation services for AI training undertakes the analysis and synthesis of information to accurately label pictorial data. With the advancements in ML and AI and developments in Generative AI, more industries are using image annotation services to accurately label their data.

Robotics & Manufacturing

Image annotation services help with production line and warehouse automation, and improve interior security with object identification and threat detection. 

Retail & E-commerce

Image annotation for retail facilitates product content labeling to enhance search relevance and improve the shopping experience for customers. Inventory management, security, and quality control all benefit from image annotation services, which leads to a better bottom line.

ADAS & Autonomous Vehicles

Our comprehensive data labeling services begin with a team of dedicated data annotation experts with deep domain knowledge of the AV and ADA industry. Image annotation is crucial to their models’ success and safe operation, which includes labeling lanes, dividers, traffic directions like lights and signs, objects, and in-vehicle safety features.

Food & Agriculture

AgTech image annotation focuses on labeling crops, weeds and pests to monitor the growth and health of plants, apply pesticides more efficiently and detect diseases or abnormalities that impact yield.

Efficient Data annotation Process for Foundational Model Development


Our data annotation services for foundational model development start with a consultation. A solutions engineer with deep industry knowledge will review your project’s requirements and parameters for image or video tagging. They will then provide you with an assessment, including alternatives and improvements. Once you are satisfied with the assessment, the project will be initiated on our data annotation platform.


We follow an integrated calibration process to ensure maximum efficiency and time to value. During the initial calibration session, we clarify instructions, discuss how to handle edge cases, and align on key metrics. We then hold weekly or monthly collaborative sessions with a dedicated project manager, solutions engineer, and QA agent to ensure that our AI training data for foundation models meet your quality standards as you scale.


Sama assigns a dedicated team of in-house image annotation experts to each project. All annotators undergo a 2 week project specific training with detailed instructions and quality rubrics so they can be effective from the start. This ensures that your project is handled by experts who understand data annotation strategies for foundation AI, your unique needs, and can deliver high-quality results.


Sama’s data annotation strategies for foundation AI implements a continuous improvement process to deliver high quality annotations at scale to help develop advanced foundation models. We collect feedback from clients and annotators at regular intervals to address any issues in addition to using automated scoring and real-time analytics to track the performance of our annotators.

5.Delivery & Iterations

Our data annotation services for foundation model development provide flexible and customizable delivery formats for key metric reports and evaluations. This ensures that our clients receive the information they need in the format that is most convenient for them. Our quality control measures help to minimize inaccuracies and quickly correct them, which allows our clients to launch their ML models faster

What are foundation models?

Foundation models are the basis for large, pre-trained AI models. They use a very large amount of data to create the fundamentals of a model. This enables them to “learn” and they are used for specific tasks. They are scalable and the principle underlying mechanism of many AI applications, like chatbots and language translation.

What are the benefits of foundation models?

Foundation models enable artificial intelligence and natural language processing. They are adaptable and scalable, and are used to speed up model production, iterate performance improvements, and enable cost-efficient foundation model development.

What are some of the challenges of foundation models?

Foundation models which are not trained correctly can result in bias, critical model failures, and model hallucinations. High-quality annotation for foundation AI is crucial to create models that are error free, meet deadlines, and adhere to client expectations.

Why use data annotation services for foundation models?

Data annotation services for foundation models are important because they offer expertise, speed, and lower total cost of ownership. Data annotation best practices for AI models result in better diversity of data, fewer errors, minimization of bias, and outstanding quality control.

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