High-Quality Training Data from Start to Scale

Sama has a 10 year track record of helping Fortune 500 companies scale their ML projects against demanding quality SLAs. Our fully managed and integrated workforce combined with advanced platform features allow us to deliver consistent and precise data annotation at scale.

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Data Annotation at Scale

Cutting Edge Technology

ML Assisted Annotation Powered by MicroModels

A powerful combination of skilled annotators and an AI-powered platform allows us to deliver high-quality data annotation at scale, along with efficiency improvements and quicker time to market. Learn more about how MAA is expediting the labeling process for 2-4x efficiency improvements in our blog post below.


Powerful Features for High-Quality Labels at High Throughput

Advanced platform features allow us to deliver consistent and precise results at scale. For instance, our Linear Interpolation tool automatically moves a shape in between key frames to scale video annotation faster. Our Superpixel Algorithm also boosts raster annotation efficiency by instantly dividing an image into tiles that share the same properties. Finally, our Auto QA feature saves quality review time and prevents logical errors that might be impossible to detect by a manual process. Read more about our features in our Solutions Brief below.

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Collaborative Development

Flexible Delivery via APIs

Our API-centric architecture is built to quickly scale annotation using extensible stateless microservices, ensuring scalability and development velocity. REST APIs enable you to post new tasks, reject and reprioritize tasks, review the status of tasks, and receive updates when tasks are completed. Check our our API documentation below.

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Quickly Scale Annotation Projects

No matter your industry use case or the size of your project, we adapt our platform and upskill our annotators to solve for your specific needs.

Scalable, ML-Powered Platform

Scalable, proprietary ML Assisted Annotation technology allows for higher accuracy and increased efficiency by 2-4x. All-in-one, 3rd generation platform technology allows us to annotate millions of tasks per month.

Easily Ramp Up New Agents

Sama can ramp and train agents to quickly scale annotation needs, even on the most complex workflows.

Agile and Iterative Workflows

Sama can adapt to changing workflows, even after production has commenced, with iterative instructions. Utilize the Sama Platform API for seamless delivery.

Project Management

Sama’s PM team manages all aspects of project and deployment so that you can focus on driving value for your customers.

Experts in complex
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Transportation & Navigation

From autonomous vehicles to navigation aids, power your transportation and navigation solutions with the most accurate data in the industry.

Robotics & Manufacturing

Help your customers reduce costs, increase productivity, and reinforce safety with highly accurate training data for robotics and manufacturing.


Data accuracy — guaranteed — compared to 88.5% for leading competitors.


Events tracked per month to improve our product and processes with A/B testing.


Lives impacted to date thanks to our purpose-driven business model.

High-Quality Training Data From
Start to Scale.