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We Are Now Sama: Accurate Data For Ambitious AI

Samasource is now Sama, the same team that powers the world’s most ambitious AI projects with high-quality and accurate data, but with a new name that represents our vision moving forward.

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As we welcome 2021, we’re ready to embrace new beginnings. Therefore, we’re proud to announce that we’re now Sama, the same team that powers the world’s most ambitious AI projects with high-quality and accurate data, but now with a new name that represents our vision moving forward.This change comes at a time when our company is at an inflection point. Our technology has quickly become the preferred option by some of the most sophisticated companies in the world. I know Leila would be proud to see where our company is today and that we are finally sharing Sama, a name we’ve used internally for years, with the world.If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that 2020 was a tumultuous year. From a deadly pandemic to global protests and a national presidential election - its events are sure to impact our society for years and decades to come.As many of you know, our founder, Leila Janah, passed away following a battle with epithelioid cancer. Since then, we’ve worked to fulfill her legacy through technological innovation, navigated the challenges of COVID-19, and stepped up to address the ongoing challenges of bias in artificial intelligence (AI).

Despite its challenges, 2020 was a year of milestones and achievements for our team. From our recognition on the Inc. 5000 list as one of North America’s fastest-growing private companies to launching our Machine Learning Assisted Annotation, we look back on 2020 with an overall optimism for the future.Sama reflects several business developments we’ve made over the past few years. Starting with our transition to a for-profit business model in 2018, we’ve been focused on scaling our business to continue to provide high-quality training data for ambitious AI for some of the world’s leading brands such as Google, NVIDIA, and Walmart.Since transitioning our business model, we’ve streamlined our approach to focus on accuracy, consistency, and simplicity, launching solutions like PII Data Anonymizer and Machine Learning Assisted Annotation. These solutions leverage automation in addition to human oversight, allowing efficient yet accurate data annotation and validation to take place. Moving forward, our focus is on further developing our tech as we expand our presence in industries such as retail, biotechnology, and media communications.We are excited to share this milestone in our company’s history as we embark on our journey to becoming the world’s leading training data provider. Our new name, in conjunction with our doubled down approach to technology, will guide our company and our mission for years to come.Without our community's help, we could not have gotten to where we are today, so thank you to all the Sama employees, investors, and partners for supporting us throughout this transitional journey.We can’t wait for you to see what’s next.

Wendy Gonzalez
Wendy Gonzalez
Chief Executive Officer


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