Sama’s Response to Today’s Events

Sama’s Response to Today’s Events

Nairobi, Kenya, May 5, 2023- Sama respects the right to peacefully demonstrate. In the interest of safety, other tenants at Sameer Business Park requested property management to engage the police.

Sama is in full compliance with the court order.

The petitioners have twice asked the court to extend their expiring contracts and twice have been declined. The Sama moderation contract with Facebook has expired – the Court Orders did not stop it from expiring and we do not have any content moderation work to give.

The Court declined to grant the order seeking to prevent the expiry of contracts and directed that the individual contracts cannot be varied. As a consequence, the expiry dates of each contract of employment could not be changed and every employee’s employment expired automatically on their respective expiry date.

In compliance with the Court Order, all employees whose contracts have not expired continue to be kept on payroll and are being paid.

All of those who have expired contracts are no longer Sama employees.

As required by the moderators’ lawyers, we are restricted from responding or taking action outside of the court. There is a hearing set for May 11th, 2023 where the content moderators will have an opportunity to raise their concerns.