Sama Makes Organizational Changes

Sama Makes Organizational Changes

Like many companies across the world, Sama is navigating a shifting economy with an eye for long-term sustainability. As a result, Sama announced today that it was laying off some of its workforce in response to the current, challenging economic climate and missing quarterly targets. Our main objective is to right-size the organization so that we can become stronger in the long-run and achieve our Impact mission.

We are grateful to everyone we parted ways with today, as each contributed to Sama during their time with the company.  

The reduction in force will mostly be in the North American corporate teams. Our Impact employees across the globe are not affected, and the important work they do for our customers will continue uninterrupted.

Although we can’t control the economy, we believe we made the right decision to secure Sama’s future, maintain as many jobs as possible, and achieve our newly revised growth trajectory.

Sama remains uniquely positioned with our AI expertise, ML innovation, and as an expert labeling workforce. We have a big opportunity in front of us, creating world-changing AI while building a social, mission-driven business. We have already lifted over 60,000 people out of poverty. These changes will allow us to continue the important work of providing an indispensable, integrated platform for AI data preparation, labeling, and collection while also giving meaningful, living wage jobs where opportunity hasn’t been as plentiful as talent.

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