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Sama Partners with Mila to Solve Key Problems in AI Development

Sama is thrilled to partner with research center Mila, to help further the mission of creating innovative technologies to drive the AI industry forward.

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Sama Partners with Mila to Solve Key Problems in AI DevelopmentAbstract background shapes
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As AI continues to deliver value in virtually every industry, companies seeing success from AI are standing on the shoulders of giants. For decades, research institutes have been driving innovation with significant contributions in the field of machine learning. These are the contributions that paved the way for the business applications we see all around us today.Mila was founded by Turing Award Winner Yoshua Bengio back in 1993, with the mission to serve as a global pole for scientific advances that inspire innovation and the development of AI for the benefit of all. Since 2017, it has partnered with Université de Montréal and McGill University, closely linked with Polytechnique Montréal and HEC Montréal, to become the world’s largest academic research center in machine learning. Today, Mila brings together 750 researchers specializing in machine learning to collaborate with a wide variety of local, national, and international organizations to develop AI-driven projects, platforms, and partnerships to accelerate economic and social innovation. Sama is proud to be a part of this ecosystem:

“As one of the top AI labs in the world, Mila is an incredible force for AI innovation. We are proud to work alongside Mila’s team of 750 researchers, professors, scientists, and students to develop the cutting-edge solutions leaders need to drive the AI industry forward, while leveraging bias-free and effective tech to positively impact the world around us.”- Wendy Gonzalez, CEO of Sama

With support from Mila, Sama co-hosted the first-ever workshop on Interactive Labeling and Data Augmentation for ICCV – one of the most prestigious AI conferences in the world – alongside Sasha Luccioni from Mila, Professor Jean-François Lalonde, and Professor Christian Gagné. Moreover, several Mila students who had the opportunity to intern at Sama through the partnership, have gone on to join our team full time.

“The renewal of our partnership with Sama is a testament to their unwavering commitment to AI innovation and development as well as shared values of AI for good. We are happy to see Sama expanding its Montreal-based team and we look forward to continuing to work together to develop impactful solutions that will power tomorrow’s world.”- Yoshua Bengio, Founder and Scientific Director of Mila

Moving forward, Sama and Mila will continue to work together to address AI and machine learning development challenges. In addition to co-authoring research with Mila professors and doctoral students, Sama will collaborate on Mila’s AI for Humanityprojects, giving the team access to our high-quality training data platform to drive the development of AI for good.In addition to partnering with Mila, Sama is continuing to invest in Montreal as a hub for AI innovation. Our AI R&D center is located a block away from Mila’s offices, and we plan to significantly expand our Montreal-based team to over 400.

(P.S.: Sama is hiring!)

Thank you to Mila for working with us and continuing to believe in the potential of AI for good. We can’t wait to see what the future holds.Read more about the partnership here.



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