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Sama Launches Re-Engineered Data Annotation Platform, Delivering 99% Client Acceptance Rate for AI Training Data

Sama launched re-engineered data annotation platform that helps reduce the risk of model failure which consists of SamaIQ™, SamaAssure™ and SamaHub™.

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Sama Launches Re-Engineered Data Annotation Platform, Delivering 99% Client Acceptance Rate for AI Training DataAbstract background shapes
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Machine learning algorithms fuel some of today's most innovative applications. Unfortunately, a mere 36% of machine learning (ML) algorithms successfully move beyond the pilot stage, according to McKinsey, leaving more than 60% without delivering the intended business impact. This statistic highlights the need for solutions that minimize the risk of ML model failure.That’s why at Sama we are thrilled to announce the launch of our re-engineered data annotation platform that helps reduce the risk of model failure. Platform 2.0, which consists of SamaIQ™, SamaAssure™ and SamaHub™, is a powerful ally of ML models, offering not only high-quality annotated data and model validation, but a unique blend of cutting-edge technology, proprietary approaches and human expertise.Platform 2.0 has successfully delivered quality at scale, achieving a 99% client acceptance rate across an annotation delivery rate of up to 300+ million frames, 850+ million shapes and 10 billion annotation points a month.With our latest enhancements, Sama clients can now deploy ML faster than ever, with the assurance that their AI models are trained on exceptional-quality data to avoid concerns of false predictions and/or drift.SamaIQ™: Human + Tech Driven Insights SamaIQ proactively surfaces risks and insights to train models faster and lower the total cost of getting models into production. Proprietary algorithms quickly classify and categorize images based on factors like complexity and similarity in order to identify unique or complex images. Excessive repetitive or similar images can be flagged so as not to waste annotation resources on data that will have marginal impact on model training.Additionally, proactive client calibration processes and our Human in the Loop (HITL) approach enable deep analysis of client data to surface insights, including early edge case and trend detection and sensor or data distribution issues. Faster identification of edge cases or data gaps provides a stronger foundation for model training. Edge case annotations can be given special attention – such as being sent to more senior annotators or annotators with deeper industry expertise for greater reliability.Additional insights include missing data identification or model performance issues. For example, a production model may misclassify a new object with a familiar one. For example, an electric scooter is similar to a skateboard but behaves much differently, and must be treated as such. SamaIQ proactively surfaces this scenario so that images can not only be annotated correctly the first time, but ML teams can gather more data on this edge case to train the model to enhance model maturity and prediction accuracy.SamaAssure™: Proactive Quality Assurance, at Scale SamaAssure is the industry’s highest quality guarantee, consistently delivering a 99% client acceptance rate regardless of project complexity and scale. Avoid lengthy delays due to rework or operational inefficiencies and easily scale projects up or down to stay within budget and deadlines.An extensive two week project-specific training session is conducted prior to the kickoff of any project. Annotators are trained using quality rubrics and golden tasks, among other detailed guidelines, to consistently deliver high-quality and accurate annotations even with the most complicated use cases.Additional dedicated project managers and QA teams keep projects on task to address potential issues before they become a problem, minimizing delays and reducing time-to-market. Our highly experienced teams have an average tenure of 2 to 4 years and deep industry expertise across AV and ADAS, retail, manufacturing and robotics, consumer tech and AgTech.SamaHub™: A Collaborative Project Space SamaHub is a centralized, collaborative space for all data annotation and validation projects. It is the command center for annotations, quality review, management and reporting. Platform 2.0 incorporates expanded features, including a new user experience, data visualization capabilities and self-service reporting. Enhanced dashboards with more granular filters provide clients with greater transparency into their data, maximizing the value to their model in the shortest time.SamaHub offers greater transparency into model validation and is designed to increase success rates while lowering the total cost of getting models into production. With over 15 annotation types across image, video and point cloud plus customizable workflows, layouts and rules, SamaHub can support even the most complex use cases.Self-service reporting features and data visualization tools provide complete visibility into project status, accuracy and updates. Clients can now easily track progress of work and annotation quality over time to minimize setbacks and train models faster.Unlock Your True PotentialBuilding successful AI applications requires a meticulous focus on data quality and an understanding of the challenges faced by ML algorithms. By reducing the risk of ML model failure and providing clients with faster, more accurate results, Sama empowers companies to unlock the true potential of AI and drive tangible business impact.To see Sama Platform 2.0 in action join me on July 19th for a live webinar REGISTER NOWEach company has unique models and needs. Talk to an expert today to understand how we can help!

The Sama Team
The Sama Team


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