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Accelerating AI Innovation: Sama Introduces Sama GenAI for Faster, High-Performance Model Development

Sama, a leading provider of data annotation and model validation solutions, has unveiled its cutting-edge solution: Sama GenAI.

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Accelerating AI Innovation: Sama Introduces Sama GenAI for Faster, High-Performance Model DevelopmentAbstract background shapes
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Sama, a leading provider of data annotation and model validation solutions, has unveiled its cutting-edge solution: Sama GenAI. This specialized solution has already empowered some of the most advanced Generative AI (GenAI) and foundation models globally.Unlike existing solutions in the market, Sama GenAI harnesses the power of SamaIQ™, an ingenious blend of proprietary algorithms and expert human insights. This unique approach offers continuous evaluation of data and model predictions, paving the way for the rapid development of high-performance models.Sama’s proprietary methodology ensures that foundation models, including GenAI models, evolve perpetually, beginning from proof-of-concept and training stages, all the way to post-deployment.

How Sama GenAI Redefines the Game

One of the key strengths of Sama GenAI lies in its ability to identify and rectify biases within a model’s original dataset. This is a critical advancement in the field of AI, addressing issues like model hallucination where erroneous or nonsensical outputs are generated. By combining technological prowess and human insights, Sama helps models readjust their confidence levels, ensuring accurate and reliable outcomes. Through this unique blend of innovation, Sama is able to help reduce the chances of model failure, including catastrophic errors, creating a flywheel effect that continually enhances the model’s performance.Additionally, Sama GenAI is at the forefront of shaping the future of AI by collaborating with companies like Synthesis AI, a company that builds synthetic images and video for computer vision and perception AI applications.

“We have engaged Sama to help validate our generative AI models by verifying the accuracy of ethnicity, age and gender of our digital humans,” said Yashar Behzadi, CEO of Synthesis AI. “These insights will help increase model performance and enable us to generate synthetic images and videos faster and more accurately.”

Together, they are helping to build accurate GenAI models designed to generate synthetic data which can be used in a variety of applications ranging from autonomous driving and precision agriculture to manufacturing and robotics. For example, synthetically-generated images and videos of humans can be used to reduce bias from imbalanced data sets in models while protecting privacy. This synthetic data can augment model training data to ensure there is adequate representation across age, gender, skin tone and more to improve model accuracy and precision.Beyond Boundaries: The Sama ImpactSama’s influence extends far beyond technological innovation. Through their Platform 2.0 and Human in-the Loop (HITL) approach, they bridge the gap between model predictions and real-world applications. By swiftly identifying model prediction gaps, Sama collaborates closely with clients to provide tailored training data, ensuring seamless integration of AI into diverse use cases such as customer support, task automation, and content generation.Moreover, Sama’s commitment to social responsibility is reflected in its achievement of B Corp certification, a testament to its dedication to underserved communities and environmental sustainability. By accomplishing this rare feat, Sama has set a precedent, showcasing how ethical practices and cutting-edge technology can coexist harmoniously.A Glimpse into the FutureWith Sama GenAI leading the charge, the future of AI development appears brighter than ever. By fostering collaboration between human expertise and groundbreaking technology, Sama is poised to elevate the capabilities of artificial intelligence. As we stand on the brink of a new era in technology, Sama's commitment to innovation, inclusivity, and ethical practices paves the way for a future where AI transforms lives and industries, leaving no one behind.

The Sama Team
The Sama Team


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