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Revamped 2D Vector Segmentation

Revamped 2D Vector Segmentation

Sama is pleased to announce production availability of our revamped toolset for 2D image vector segmentation using bounding boxes, polygons and lines.

The vector toolset is ideal for computer vision projects using vector shapes to structure training data for detection, classification, labeling and object tracking projects.

The new vector toolset is an update to our previous offering for annotating 2D images. The new tools contain UX enhancements and new features designed to further improve annotation efficiency and accuracy for our expert workforce.

Housed in Sama’s proprietary platform, the toolset leverages existing Hub capabilities for work prioritization and quality management, to deliver the highest quality training data every time.



The new vector toolset is optimized for quality. The annotation workspace has a larger image display and more precise drawing tools enabling Sama’s workforce to annotate with an even greater degree of accuracy.

The toolset gives individual annotators direct access to image and shape adjustment options (such as shape opacity), instead of restricting these options to the admin control panel.

Now, individual annotators can adjust settings to get the best view of every unique image while annotating.


The toolset is also optimized for efficiency. The larger image, new keyboard hotkeys and more intelligent zoom features help reduce time spent panning and adjusting an image.

What’s more, the toolset is built on a modern codebase that helps streamline development for new features built by Sama’s dedicated engineering team.


From autonomous vehicle applications to high tech e-commerce initiatives, Sama has the annotation technology to put your project on track for success. Drop us a line, and request a demo of the new toolset in action.

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