Quickly Bring Your NLP Models into Production with AI-Powered Annotation

Saul Miller

June 8, 2021

3 Minute Read

TLDR; After a decade of successful text annotation projects, we’re launching our ML-powered NLP Annotation Tool.

If you work in AI, you know just how hard Natural Language Processing (NLP) problems can be to solve. Though the study of NLP dates back to the 1950s, AI practitioners and researchers are still grappling with the many ambiguities and complexities of language. 

Humans intuitively know that words can have different meanings depending on context, and that they can acquire new meanings over time. But capturing all these nuances and incorporating them into an ML model is about as difficult as it sounds.

For every additional variable that must be accounted for in a model, there is an equal number of opportunities for NLP models to fail. Even a small margin of error can have huge consequences. A lack of varied perspectives or proper inputs can corrupt a data set, create bias, and have serious downstream consequences.

The only way to navigate this ambiguity is with large, high-quality data sets annotated by a diverse set of labelers.

Quickly bring high-performing NLP models into production

Traditional approaches to labeling Natural Language Processing data – especially using crowdsourced and self-service labeling platforms – often slow the path to production. Inexperienced labelers and the lack of a continuous feedback loop can result in poor quality data sets and time-consuming iteration cycles.

With Sama, you can get started quickly with self-service and scale over time, or work with our directly managed workforce of annotators trained on your specific needs and best practices for your industry. This bespoke approach enables us to deliver high-performing data sets for your projects, so you can analyze and draw insight from unstructured data for a multitude of NLP use cases – from product review analysis, to document summarization and understanding, to misinformation detection and much more.

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Our ML-assisted labeling platform uses active learning to quickly share high precision predictions, automating away simple labels and freeing annotators to create more and higher quality labels. Built-in QA and human in the loop capabilities allow edge cases to be raised early in the process for quicker iteration cycles. 

This powerful combination of skilled annotators and an AI-powered platform allows us to deliver a high standard of label quality to our customers every time, along with efficiency improvements and quicker time to market.

Launch your Natural Language Processing projects more quickly and efficiently

The field of Natural Language Processing has made significant progress in the last few years – but there’s plenty of distance still to go. 

Wherever you want to go next with NLP, let Sama get you there faster.

>> Learn more about how Sama can help make training data for NLP your competitive advantage