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A Message From Our CEO

A Message From Our CEO

“Like so many immigrant children, I learned to believe in a dream that is as much American as it is universal: a dream of equal opportunity.” – Leila Janah

If you ever met our late founder Leila Janah you know she wasn’t afraid of anything. The road to actualizing a dream as big as hers was not always easy. It’s still not.

You may have seen the TIME article. The information about Sama is inaccurate and misleading but we want to set the record straight on one key truth: Sama is an impact employer committed to living wages. Period.

Leila established Sama in 2008 on her belief that talent is equally distributed and opportunity is not, and that giving work, not aid, is the most powerful solution to ending global poverty. 14 years later, that still remains. Our model has led us to move nearly 60,000 people out of poverty and has been validated by respected third-party organizations, including MIT.

We will continue to advance our mission of empowering people and working to improve whenever and wherever we can.

To everyone who is a part of us, thank you. Onward.

To read our full statement, click here: What Time Got Wrong

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