From Around the Web: 6 Computer Vision Infographics

Sharon L. Hadden

June 18, 2019

3 Minute Read

There are a number of trends, tips and statistics floating around the web about computer vision.

We've collected six infographics on everything from visual search to the history of computer vision below, so you can use them in your next slide deck or round-table talk.


Sama - Training Data Maturity Infographic


SAS - Advantages of Computer Vision Infographic


SOURCE: Infographic sourced from the SAS website

Tech Republic - Enterprise Adoption of AR/VR


SOURCE: Infographic sourced from the Tech Republic website

Computer Science Zone - History of Computer Science


SOURCE: Infographic sourced from the Computer Science Zone website 

Medium - Visual Search Statistics


SOURCE: Infographic sourced from the Medium website

OSA - Sensors for Self-Driving Cars


SOURCE: Infographic sourced from The Optical Society of America website