Faces of Sama
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Faces of Sama: Frank Agalo’s Journey from the Streets to a Multi-talented Professional

Frank Bruno Agalo, a Data Annotation Associate based in Nairobi, Kenya, epitomizes determination as he navigates the realms of data annotation while concurrently pursuing his passion for music. Agalo’s remarkable journey from a humble beginning to carving out a distinctive presence in his field serves as a testament to the power of determination and the pursuit of one’s aspirations.

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Faces of Sama: Frank Agalo’s Journey from the Streets to a Multi-talented ProfessionalAbstract background shapes
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As the world faces numerous challenges every day, there are individuals whose unwavering resolve and commitment to their dreams serve as a source of inspiration to others. As the last-born in a family of 11, Frank Bruno Agalo’s story transcends his role at Sama. At Sama, in his typical workday, he delves into the intricate world of data entry and annotation, a task that’s crucial for training artificial intelligence systems. Before joining Sama, Agalo worked as a janitor at a bar on the outskirts of Nairobi.

 “Life was not that bad, fine, because I had a family to look after," he recalls.

Agalo had returned to school and sat for his Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) examination in 2016. He later enrolled at Nairobi Aviation College to study Mass Communication. His connection to Sama began in 2018 when he first applied for a role while staying and doing menial jobs in Kibera, the largest slum in Africa. 

“I went to Kibera Town Centre (KTC), where Sama had Samaschool then, to apply for a job,” he recounts, highlighting his persistence in the face of adversity. At the time his application was unsuccessful.

Fate dealt another blow when the COVID-19 pandemic struck and Agalo was rendered jobless and grappling with uncertainty. “I returned to my village and started brewing illicit liquor—Chang'aa—just to make ends meet for my family,” he says. He remained persistent with his Sama application and managed to secure a spot in 2020. 

Aside from his role at Sama, Agalo is a talented musician with a deep-rooted passion for Luo Benga music. 

“I’ve been singing since I was young. It's something I was born with," he says, reminiscing about his musical journey. He currently has an album with nine songs, having released his first single in 2013 after dropping out of school due to financial challenges. 

Over the years, Agalo has produced several songs, each reflecting his life experiences and aspirations. “My music mirrors my journey, struggles, and dreams,” he says, highlighting the personal significance of his musical endeavors. In addition to his compositions, he has also dedicated two songs to Sama. 

Listen to the songs Frank has done for Sama here: Amapiano, Sama Rhumba

But Agalo’s musical aspirations extend beyond his pursuits. He also has a niche for creating self-conscious music. He envisions using music as a tool for social change, particularly to highlight the plight of marginalized youth and street children. 

“I want to establish a music school to empower street children and provide them with opportunities,” he says. 

Despite facing skepticism from others, Agalo remains undeterred in his pursuit of his dreams. “I submitted my application for the Sama Give Work Challenge to get funds for the music academy. I'm determined to make it happen,” he asserts with an unwavering look in his eyes.

Agalo’s family also holds a special place in his heart, evident from his pride in being the father of three children, with his youngest daughter named after the late Leila Janah, the founder of Sama. 

“I was inspired by Leila Janah's legacy. She was a young woman who accomplished so much in her short life,” Agalo explains, reflecting on his aspirations for his daughter to follow suit. 

Agalo’s journey stands as a testament to the power of resilience, determination, and unwavering faith. From his humble beginnings as a street child to his current role as a Sama Associate and aspiring musician, his story is one of triumph over adversity. As he continues to pursue his dreams, Agalo serves as an inspiration to all those who dare to dream big and defy the odds.

The Sama Team
The Sama Team


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