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Computer Vision Insights From Around the Web

This list of computer vision insights shares how artificial intelligence is learning to understand and relate to the intensely visual world around us.

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Computer vision is one of the most basic and crucial elements of artificial intelligence, but that doesn’t make it any less interesting.Our daily experience of the world is human nature and computer vision provides an avenue for artificial intelligence to understand and relate to the intensely visual world we live in.Here are a few interesting insights about computer vision that we’ve sourced from around the web.

Most Popular Computer Vision Research Areas

Of all the research papers submitted to this year’s Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) conference, the most popular computer vision research areas were detection, segmentation, 3D and adversarial training, showing an increased interest in unsupervised learning.

Industries Adopting Computer Vision

While automotive continues to hold the largest share of the computer vision market, increasing quality standards across industries has prompted more companies to adopt factory automation fueled by computer vision systems. There’s also a rising demand for vision-guided robotic systems and application-specific computer vision systems, alongside a growing adoption of 3D computer vision.

A Fundamental Problem with Computer Vision

Bhargav Desai, Technical Writer and Instructor at Eduonix shares that deep learning itself is arguably the most fundamental problem with computer vision. The emphasis on its strengths while lacking acknowledgement for apparent weaknesses such as mistaking an overturned school bus for a snowplow is not just a mistake but a revealing mistake.“It not only shows that deep learning systems can get confused, but that they are challenged in making a fundamental distinction known to all us humans, the distinction between “understanding” the object and “seeing” an object,” Desai explains.

Computer Vision as Part of the Shopping Experience

There’s a growing demand among consumers for more robust search options including visual and voice search. A recent survey found that over 60% of respondents would be comfortable with new technologies like the ability to search by image as a part of their digital shopping experience.

Projected Market Growth in Computer Vision Solutions

The market for computer vision solutions is expected to reach over 17 billion U.S. dollars by 2023, which is indicative of the growing pace of research and advancements in computer vision.

The Growing Application of Computer Vision Systems

Enterprises like DHL are using extended reality experiences like AR to boost accuracy in their business operations. The company is using AR glasses to display picking and placement directions to its operators, and this application of computer vision systems has led to a 15 percent average increase in productivity.If you’re interested in learning more about how Sama quickly trains and validates machine learning, download our solution brief for details on our project set-up and workflows, platform security and annotation tools for computer vision.

Sharon L. Hadden
Sharon L. Hadden


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