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6 TED Talks to Watch on AI Ethics

6 TED Talks to Watch on AI Ethics

The impact of AI on our daily lives prompts us to take a hard look at the positive and negative effects of the technology.

Six thought leaders share what’s needed to govern these unsupervised algorithms and ensure ethical values, in addition to human intelligence make their way into artificial intelligence.

TED Talks on AI Ethics

1. The Era of Blind Faith in Big Data Must End

Algorithms are used in everything from recruiting to banking, and in this TED talk, Cathy O’Neil, mathematician and data scientist, discusses how algorithms could in fact reinforce human bias.


2. Can We Protect AI from Our Biases?

Humans are inherently biased, but AI doesn’t have to be. Documentary filmmaker, Robin Hauser discusses the need to establish ethical standards for the governance of AI in this TED talk.


3. How to Get Empowered Not Overpowered

In the next decade, humans expect AI to outsmart human intelligence. MIT Physicist and AI Researcher, Max Tegmark helps us see the opportunities in AI by sharing the steps needed so AI can be used to help humanity flourish.


4. How to Keep Human Bias Out of AI

While there’s no way to completely rule out bias in your training data, Kriti Sharma, AI technologist shares three ways we can start making more ethical algorithms in her TEDx talk on how to keep human bias out of AI.


5. Machine Intelligence Makes Human Morals More Important

Techno-sociologist, Zeynep Tufekci discusses how human values and human ethics become even more critical as algorithms and digital connectivity spreads.


6. The Rise of Human Computer Cooperation

Computers can’t solve major world issues alone. Data Intelligence Agent, Shyam Sankar shares how developing the relationship between computation and human creativity is even more important than finding the right algorithm.

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