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2D Video Annotation Services

Get models into production up to 3x faster with our scalable video annotation services. Proven expertise backed by SamaAssure™ — the industry’s highest quality guarantee.

25% of Fortune 50 companies trust Sama to help them deliver industry-leading ML models

How can Sama assist companies facing Video Annotation challenges?

Sama is a leading provider of video annotation services. From offering comprehensive annotation services to companies grappling with video annotation challenges to ensuring an air-tight implementation of the annotation process, Sama does it all.

With expertise in handling vast volumes of video data, Sama ensures accurate and high-quality annotations for training data. Sama’s skilled annotators meticulously label objects, actions, and events, improving computer vision models‘ performance. Sama scalable infrastructure enables us to handle complex video annotation projects across various industries. The latest paraphernalia assists us in player tracking for sports analytics, object recognition for autonomous vehicles, and medical image analysis in healthcare.

By leveraging Sama’s services, companies can accelerate model training, enhance data accuracy, and focus on core competencies while successfully overcoming their video annotation hurdles.

2D Video Annotation Solutions

Sama delivers best-in-class video annotation services for the most complex and demanding machine learning models.

Detect and define the location of your target objects.

Our video annotation experts use bounding boxes to accurately segment videos used for a variety of applications including autonomous driving, food system optimization, and more. Bounding boxes are best used for object tracking and object detection.

  • Achieve accurate placement with just two clicks with crosshair lines
  • Use state tracking for occlusion, truncation and overlapping objects
  • Create custom classes, multiple attributes per instance, and hierarchical relationships
  • Power up your object tracking with ML Assist for faster high-quality annotations
  • Use ML-assisted or linear interpolation between frames

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Localize and detect complex objects with precision.

Polygons are used as part of our video annotation solutions to improve the accuracy of object detection algorithms. They are best used for applications when a more precise definition of an object’s boundaries are needed such as vehicle detection, crop identification and more.

  • Apply ML-assisted annotation for polygon for auto-annotation
  • Use grouping and layering for similar objects
  • Engage quick editing tools for adding and removing points
  • Create custom classes, multiple attributes per instance, and hierarchical relationships
  • Utilize linear interpolation between frames

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Easily detect and annotate pose variations.

Keypoints are a video annotation technique that our team uses to capture the location and orientation of landmarks within a video. Keypoints are best for motion tracking, facial landmark detection and hand gesture recognition as they track the movement of individual objects.

  • Configure any custom keypoint shape including skeletons, hands, and eyes in a repeatable pattern for consistent results
  • Landmark important features using points
  • Get support for custom classes, multiple attributes per instance, and hierarchical relationships
  • Utilize linear interpolation between frames

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Annotate straight or curved objects with precision.

Lines and arrows are used in 2D video annotation to highlight important features in a video for object tracking or scene understanding. This is useful for understanding things like lane marking and traffic patterns or identifying buildings in a city.

  • Outline object boundaries with lines for clear edge identification
  • Highlight directional indicators with arrows
  • Get support for custom classes, multiple attributes per instance, and hierarchical relationships
  • Utilize linear interpolation between frames

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Detect the depth and height of your object of interest for vehicle and pedestrian identification, robotic movement, and interior furniture placement.

  • Apply cuboids in both 2D & 3D for a variety of mixed applications
  • Enable highly accurate 2D cuboids in just three clicks via our multi-click technology
  • Get support for custom classes, multiple attributes per instance, and hierarchical relationships
  • Utilize linear interpolation between frames

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What Sama 2D Video Annotation Offers

Bounding boxes, polygons, keypoints & points, lines & arrows, and cuboids support a wide range of use cases from ADAS & autonomous vehicles to video analytics for e-commerce and safety surveillance.

Improve your ML model’s accuracy by tracking complex object changes over time with static and dynamic annotations. And, tailor your ML model to meet specific requirements using custom classes and multiple attributes per instance.

Categorize scene level attributes with ease for indicating weather conditions, environment type, and activity identification.

Video Annotation Use Cases

Sama’s video annotation experts improve ML model performance by delivering annotations with unmatched accuracy and speed.

2D Video Annotation Process

Sama’s video annotation projects start with tailored consultations, assessing tagging needs via knowledgeable solutions engineers. After evaluating alternatives, projects launch on Sama’s cutting-edge video annotation platform.

For our video annotation services, we employ an integrated calibration process to maximize efficiency and value. In the initial session, we establish clear instructions, address edge cases, and align on key metrics. Subsequent collaborative meetings with a project manager, solutions engineer, and QA agent, whether weekly or monthly, ensure quality scaling as you utilize our services.

Each project is assigned to a dedicated team at Sama, consisting of internal experts with deep industry knowledge – avoiding consultants, contractors, or crowdsourcing. These teams undergo project-specific training, ensuring their effectiveness from the outset. This methodology extends to our video annotation services, where specialized training empowers our teams to excel in handling video training data right from the start.

Sama continually enhances its video annotation solutions through iterative feedback, with a focus on shaping and refining annotations using a video annotation tool. We utilize level feedback, percentage of data set review, and automated scoring, bolstered by real-time analytics that offer immediate actionable insights. Should data accuracy not meet client expectations, we provide complimentary rework services for the project.

Sama’s video annotation services offer flexible and customizable delivery formats for key metric reports and evaluations within its image annotation service. This is complemented by robust quality control measures to reduce inaccuracies swiftly, ensuring the rapid deployment of ML models.

Video Annotation Services for Machine Learning

Participate in a data-driven revolution with Sama’s video annotation services. Fuel your computer vision projects with precise training data from annotated video datasets. Unleash the true potential of AI as experts label video data, streamlining the annotation process. Stay ahead in the data-annotation race and elevate your innovations with top-notch video annotation services.


Video Annotation Services for Computer Vision

Open new vistas in computer vision with Sama’s expert video clips annotation services. Annotate videos to create top-quality training datasets, empowering computer vision algorithms to excel. Train computer vision models with meticulously labeled video datasets, unlocking unmatched accuracy and performance.

With Sama’s cutting-edge video annotation services, you can elevate your computer vision projects, revolutionizing how machines perceive the world.

AI Video Annotation Services

Step into the future with AI video annotation services, revolutionizing data labeling for machine learning. Harness the potential of cutting-edge algorithms to annotate video frames with precision using advanced techniques like polygon annotation. Trust in top-tier data security measures to safeguard your valuable information. Elevate your AI projects with the speed, accuracy, and efficiency offered by AI-powered video annotation services. Stay ahead of the curve and unleash the true power of artificial intelligence.


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What Industries Require Video Annotation Services?

Video annotation solutions powered by computer vision models can create stunningly brilliant results for the following industries.

ADAS & Autonomous Vehicles

The right annotation service can revolutionize your technology and transportation ventures. Enhance autonomous vehicles, optimize traffic management, and fuel innovation for a brighter future! 

Retail & E-commerce

Video annotation can help unlock commerce success. Companies can boost sales with personalized recommendations, optimize inventory management, and understand customer behavior.

Robotics & Manufacturing

Video annotation solutions drive transformative change in robotics and manufacturing. By labeling objects, actions, and scenarios in videos, they train AI models for diverse applications, enhancing robotic perception, assembly line optimization, and process automation. In manufacturing, these solutions elevate quality control and defect detection. Advancing both fields, video annotation solutions propel efficiency and precision to new heights. 

Food & Agriculture

Video annotation plays a crucial role in modern agriculture by enabling the collection of labeled data for various applications. It involves the process of marking or tagging objects, features, or events within agricultural videos to train machine learning models, improve decision-making, and enhance efficiency in farming practices. 

Why Choose Sama

Sama delivers not only accurate video annotation, but insights and recommendations via our vertically integrated platform combined with human-in-the-loop experts, all while embracing an ethical AI approach. This is why companies come to us when other video annotation solutions fail.

Enterprise Strength

Built for enterprises, supporting the most complex AI models.

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What is Video Annotation?

Video annotations refer to the labeling or tagging of video data and clips for training computer vision models and detecting and identifying objects. Contrary to image annotation, in video annotation, the objects are annotated on a frame-by-frame basis, making them recognizable for machine learning models.

High-quality video annotation leads to accurate video data for analysis and machine learning. This helps improve performance and decision-making. With qualified video-annotation technology, businesses across industries can enhance the user experience through engaging and informative content. Accurate video annotations also help boost time efficiency expediting data processing and model training processes.

What are video annotation guidelines?

Annotation guidelines provide instructions for annotating video frames, ensuring consistency and accuracy. They define annotation tasks, labeling formats, and guidelines for semantic segmentation, enabling precise object delineation and detailed understanding of video content for various applications like object tracking and action recognition.

What is the difference between video and image annotation?

Image annotation involves adding metadata or labels to individual images to identify and highlight specific objects or regions of interest. Video annotation, on the other hand, extends this process to annotate objects and events in a sequence of frames in a video, enabling the analysis of dynamic visual content.

What are the video annotation tools?

Annotation tools facilitate the labeling and analysis of video data. These platforms offer features such as object tracking, bounding box labeling, segmentation, and event annotation, streamlining the process of annotating complex visual information in videos.

What are the main purposes of the annotation?

The main purpose of the annotation is to enhance data for machine learning models by providing labeled information for supervised learning, enabling the training and evaluation of algorithms. Annotations also help improve the understanding and organization of data, facilitating data analysis, pattern recognition, and optimizing decision-making.

What are the major benefits of video annotating?

Video annotating offers significant benefits, including improved training data for video analysis models, enabling object detection, tracking, and action recognition. It can help enhance the accuracy and performance of AI algorithms, optimize the research and surveillance process, and support applications in autonomous vehicles, video content analysis, sports analytics, and healthcare diagnostics.

Video Annotation Outsourcing Services

Unlock the full potential of your projects by outsourcing your annotation projects. Save time and resources as experts handle the intricate video annotation process, providing top-notch training data for your machine-learning models. Embrace cutting-edge technology and ensure data security with reliable outsourcing partners. Rely on experts to elevate your innovations and stay ahead of the competition with the power of annotation outsourcing services by your side.

Annotation plays a crucial role in the process of computer vision models. It helps train computers to interpret and understand the visual world. By hiring a reliable annotation platform or service, you can rest assured and focus on core tasks.