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Sama Annotate

2D Image Annotation Services

Sama’s high-quality image annotation solutions using advanced object detection, semantic segmentation, and tracking capabilities meet your most complex ML model requirements.

25% of Fortune 50 companies trust Sama to help them deliver industry-leading ML models

Sama Image Annotation Services Provide Quality At Scale

Sama provides the technical expertise and industry knowledge to deliver high–quality image tagging and annotation services at scale. Our proprietary algorithms and Humans-in-the-Loop approach combine to offer unmatched accuracy.

We guarantee a 95% acceptance rate – in writing and support a monthly annotation volume up of up to:

  • 300 million frames
  • 850 million shapes
  • 10 billion annotation points

2D Image Annotation Solutions

No matter the task, Sama has the labeling capabilities and expertise to help you successfully create a wide variety of annotated images with quality and reliability.

Accurately detect and define the location of your target objects.

Bounding boxes are best used for object tracking, object detection and image segmentation. Our image annotation experts use bounding boxes to accurately segment images used for a variety of applications including autonomous driving, food system optimization, and more.

  • Achieve accurate placement with just two clicks with crosshair lines
  • Use state tracking for occlusion, truncation and overlapping objects
  • Create custom classes, multiple attributes per instance, and hierarchical relationships

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Localize and detect complex objects with precision.

Polygons are best used for applications when a more precise definition of an object’s boundaries are needed. They are used as part of our image annotation solutions to improve the accuracy of object detection algorithms for vehicle detection, robotic automation, crop identification and more.

  • Apply ML-assisted annotation for polygon for auto-annotation
  • Use grouping and layering for similar objects
  • Engage quick editing tools for adding and removing points
  • Create custom classes, multiple attributes per instance, and hierarchical relationships

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Precisely detect and annotate pose variations.

Keypoints are an image annotation technique that our team uses to capture the location and orientation of individual landmarks on an object. These are then used to track the movement of the object such as motion tracking, facial landmark detection, and hand gesture recognition.

  • Configure any custom keypoint shape including skeletons, hands, and eyes in a repeatable pattern for consistent results
  • Landmark important features using points
  • Get support for custom classes, multiple attributes per instance, and hierarchical relationships

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Achieve pixel-level precision for your annotations.

Segmentation provides a precise definition of boundaries for each object instance, which can improve the accuracy of instance segmentation algorithms. Our advanced image annotation solutions deliver annotations with pixel-level precision for crop identification, drivable area isolation and more.

  • Draw precise edges with our adaptable paint brush tool
  • Instantly detect object edges with our pixel-level fill tool
  • Apply our superpixel algorithm for natural boundary drawing

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Precisely annotate straight or curved objects.

Lines and arrows are used in 2D image annotation to highlight important features in an image for image tracking or scene understanding. This is especially useful for understanding things like lane marking and traffic patterns or identifying buildings in a city.

  • Outline object boundaries with lines for clear edge identification
  • Highlight directional indicators with arrows
  • Get support for custom classes, multiple attributes per instance, and hierarchical relationships

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Detect the depth and height of your object of interest.

Cuboids are used by our image annotation experts to provide additional information about objects in an image. It is useful for vehicle and pedestrian identification, robotic movement, and interior furniture placement.

  • Apply cuboids in both 2D & 3D for a variety of mixed applications
  • Enable highly accurate 2D cuboids in just three clicks via our multi-click technology
  • Get support for custom classes, multiple attributes per instance, and hierarchical relationships

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What Sama 2D Image Annotation Offers

Get started quickly by easily integrating our image annotation platform with APIs, CLIs and webhooks that plug directly into your environment. The Sama API enables you to programmatically query the status of projects, post new tasks to be done, receive results automatically and more.

Our solutions provide a wide range of annotations including bounding boxes, polygons, keypoints & points, segmentations, lines and arrows, and cuboids.

Sama achieves 300+% productivity gains with our ML-assisted models, allowing us to achieve high-quality at scale. Our advanced image annotation solutions include ML-assisted annotation, crosshair tool, visual feedback on label selection, logically grouped tasks, keyboard shortcuts, and more.

Get results tailored to your exact requirements with custom classes, multiple attributes per instance, and hierarchical relationships.

Categorize scene level attributes with ease for indicating weather conditions, environment type, and activity identification.

Image Annotation Use Cases

Sama’s image annotation experts improve ML model performance by delivering annotations with unmatched accuracy and speed.

2D Image Annotation Process

Sama’s 2D image annotation tools and services like object detection, object localization, and segmentation will expedite your image annotation process cost-effectively.

Every image annotation project Sama takes on begins with a tailored consultation. Each project’s requirements and parameters for image tagging are reviewed by a solutions engineer with deep industry knowledge. An assessment is provided, including alternatives and improvements, and the project is initiated on Sama’s image annotation platform.

We follow an integrated calibration process to provide maximum efficiency and time to value.  During the initial calibration session we clarify instructions, discuss how to handle edge cases, and align on key metrics. Weekly or monthly collaborative sessions follow and include a dedicated project manager, solutions engineer and QA agent to ensure we meet quality standards as you scale.

Each project is assigned to a dedicated image annotation services team composed of Sama employees–never consultants, contractors or crowdsourced–with extensive relevant industry knowledge. Additionally, teams undergo training specific to each project so they can be effective from the start.

Sama aims for constant improvements of its image annotation solutions through iterative feedback. We shape and frame level feedback, percentage of data set review, and automated scoring, with real-time analytics that provide valuable insights that can be incorporated immediately. If a client is not satisfied with the project’s data accuracy, we offer free rework.

Sama’s image annotation service provides flexible and customizable delivery formats of key metric reports and evaluations. Coupled with quality control to minimize inaccuracies and quickly correct them, ML models are launched faster.

What Industries Benefit From Image Annotation Services ?

Image annotation services for AI training undertakes the analysis and synthesis of information to accurately label pictorial data. With the advancements in ML and AI and developments in Generative AI, more industries are using image annotation services to accurately label their data.

Robotics & Manufacturing

Image annotation services help with production line and warehouse automation, and improve interior security with object identification and threat detection. 

Retail & E-commerce

Image annotation for retail facilitates product content labeling to enhance search relevance and improve the shopping experience for customers. Inventory management, security, and quality control all benefit from image annotation services, which leads to a better bottom line.

ADAS & Autonomous Vehicles

Our comprehensive data labeling services begin with a team of dedicated data annotation experts with deep domain knowledge of the AV and ADA industry. Image annotation is crucial to their models’ success and safe operation, which includes labeling lanes, dividers, traffic directions like lights and signs, objects, and in-vehicle safety features.

Food & Agriculture

AgTech image annotation focuses on labeling crops, weeds and pests to monitor the growth and health of plants, apply pesticides more efficiently and detect diseases or abnormalities that impact yield.


Client acceptance rate with up to 10M shapes a day


improvement in model prediction accuracy after validation


Full time, in-house annotation & model validation experts

Why Choose Sama

Sama delivers not only accurate data annotation, but insights and recommendations via our vertically integrated platform combined with human-in-the-loop experts, all while embracing an ethical AI approach. This is why companies come to us when other data annotation solutions fail.

Enterprise Strength

No matter how complex your models, we consistently deliver a 99% client acceptance rate as you scale, even with high ambiguity images and edge cases.

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Industry Experience

Sama has over 15 years of experience and our annotators have an average tenure of 2+ years. Vertically segmented teams provide expertise into industry nuances.

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As the first AI certified B Corp, Sama provides full-time positions with benefits as part of our mission to create sustainable and inclusive economies. We’ve impacted over 65,000 lives so far.

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ISO certified delivery centers, a biometric secured platform and our in-house workforce help protect your data from unauthorized access and data corruption from ingestion to delivery.

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What is image annotation?

Image annotation refers to the process of assigning labels to images which can be used to train ML models for a variety of different applications. It plays a pivotal role in tasks including image segmentation, image classification, and object detection. The complexity of image annotation services ranges from labeling individual pixels in an image to assigning a single label to the entire image. When an image is annotated with high precision, accurate data sets are generated that significantly boost the performance of machine learning algorithms.

What is the benefit of image annotation?

Image annotation offers a huge potential for businesses to enhance their operational efficiency, lowering costs with highly accurate training image data for their ML models. It aligns with computer vision and elevates customer experience with smarter decision-making.

What is an image annotation tool?

An image annotation tool is a software application that helps to label or annotate images. These tools assist in object detection, image classification, and semantic segmentation to generate labeled datasets for machine learning algorithms to identify patterns and objects in images.

What is the difference between image annotation and labelling?

Image annotation refers to adding metadata or description information to an image, which includes identifying certain objects in the image and linking them to appropriate labels. Annotations give context to images.Image labeling is a broader concept that involves assigning labels to entire images, or individual objects within them.

What are examples of annotations?

Image annotation has many applications in a variety of industries, like AVs, AgTech, manufacturing and robotics, and retail. Image annotation solutions help identify images down to specific pixels, orient an image within a specific context, detect objects, and many other image labeling techniques. 

Why use an image annotation solutions provider?

An image annotation vendor brings extensive technical expertise to image labeling, as well as specific industry knowledge. By partnering with an annotation service, companies quickly and cost-effectively launch extremely accurate models. An image labeling annotation service provides quality atscale, at a lower total cost of ownership. A collaborative partnership with an image annotation vendor offers companies a secure environment in which to perfect their models before launch.