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Quality Annotations for Complex Workflows

Get your models into production faster with high-quality data annotations & model validation solutions. Our team consistently delivers a 99% first batch acceptance rate — regardless of scale or complexity.

25% of Fortune 50 companies trust Sama to help them deliver industry-leading ML models

Get Models To Market Faster

Enterprises rely on Sama to deliver the data annotations and performance insights needed to train ML models effectively.

No Hidden Costs

We are your one-stop shop for data curation, annotation, and model validation. Our intensive training and proactive calibration processes mean you don’t inadvertently pay for high amounts of sampling and rework.

↑ Revenue & profitability
↓ Total cost of ownership

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No Delays

Poor quality controls and long feedback loops delay projects. We deliver your data and insights right the first time by incorporating early edge case detection with the highest SLA guarantees to avoid missed deadlines.

↑ Productivity
↓ Time to insights

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No Crowdsourcing

Rely on a full-time, in-house workforce with vertically segmented teams. Our human-in-the-loop approach combined with iterative instructions & QA processes drive accuracy at scale while maintaining data security.

↑ Speed to market
↓ Risk of model failure

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One of the first AI companies to be certified as a B Corp, a company dedicated to building a sustainable and inclusive economy. It’s in our DNA.

Why Customers Choose Sama

Enterprise Strength

Built for the enterprise to support the most demanding and complex ML models

Sama delivers quality at scale, at the lowest total cost of ownership, while ensuring your data is always secure.

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Experience & Expertise

A long track record of enterprise success

Sama is recognized as the SME of data annotation, matching our highly-skilled workforce to your industry, your data, and your unique needs.

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Ethical AI

A purpose-driven business model, built for impact

Sama is driving an ethical AI supply chain that meaningfully improves employment and income outcomes for those with the greatest barriers to work.

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Data annotation and model validation solutions built for computer vision.

Sama provides a rich ecosystem of data-centric solutions designed to boost model performance.

Comprehensive Data Curation Service

Advanced data selection and filtering that enables you to focus on labeling the data that is most likely to improve model performance–enhancing cost efficiency and model maturity.

High-quality Annotation for Complex Workflows

Quality 2D/3D annotations for image, video, and LiDAR combining ML-assisted technology with a full-time workforce that delivers high-quality ground truth annotations–regardless of scale or complexity data.


Model prediction and performance validation

Visibility into where and why models are failing–including false positives/negatives or inaccurate predictions–with human-led insights to correct predictions, highlight edge cases & enhance training data for better model performance.


Guaranteed data accuracy


Events tracked per month to improve our product and processes with A/B testing


Lives impacted to date thanks to our purpose-driven business model

A centralized platform designed to minimize the risk of ML model failure

Sama offers a unique blend of cutting-edge technology, proprietary approaches and human expertise to deliver actionable insights that lower the cost of getting models into production.

Actionable data insights that reduce the risk of ML model failure and lower the total cost of getting models into production.

We surface risks and insights through proprietary algorithms, a Human-in-the-Loop approach, and a proactive client calibration process. Insights include early edge case and trend detection, sensor or data distribution issues, missing data identification and more.

The industry’s highest quality guarantee supporting up to 300 million frames, 850 million shapes and 10 billion annotation points a month—with a 99% client acceptance rate.

Trust that your projects will be completed accurately and on-time regardless of scale and complexity. Project-specific training, specialized QA processes and dedicated teams help you avoid lengthy delays due to rework or operational inefficiencies.

A collaborative space for data annotation and validation projects. It is the command center for annotations, model validation, quality review and more.

Minimize setbacks with complete visibility into project status, accuracy rates and updates. Collaboration workflows and self-service reporting track project progress and quality over time to train models faster and more accurately.

Experts in Complex
Workflows Across Industries

ADAS & Autonomous Vehicles

From advanced driver-assistance systems to autonomous vehicles, Sama powers your ML models with the most accurate data in the industry.

Consumer Tech & Media

Sama provides the highest quality annotated data for consumer electronics, smart home devices, consumer software, and consumer surveillance applications.

Retail & E-Commerce

Sama’s best-in-class data annotation leads to better customer experiences — resulting in better conversion rates, higher average order values, and ultimately, increased revenue.

Drone spraying a field

Agriculture & Food

Elevate agricultural growth, productivity, and sustainability through high-quality training and validation data, reducing waste and cost.

 Data Security is our Top Priority

Your data remains protected and private because it’s managed in a secure facility by full-time in-house workforce of data experts. Your Data is Yours – Sama does not share or keep any datasets for training or other purposes, unlike crowdsourced alternatives.

With Sama, Go Beyond Your Data

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