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AI Opportunity in the Space Ecosystem with Space Foundation COO Shelli Brunswick

AI Opportunity in the Space Ecosystem with Space Foundation COO Shelli Brunswick

The innovations that drive space exploration not only aid us in discovering other worlds, but they also benefit us right here on earth. Today’s guest is Shelli Brunswick, who joins us to talk about the role of AI in space exploration and how the ‘space ecosystem’ can create jobs and career opportunities on Earth. Shelli is the COO at the Space Foundation and was selected as the 2020 Diversity and Inclusion Officer and Role Model of the Year by WomenTech Network and a Woman of Influence by the Colorado Springs Business Journal. We kick our discussion off by hearing how Shelli got to her current role and what it entails. She talks about how connected the space industry has become to many others, and how this amounts to a ‘space ecosystem’, a rich field for opportunity, innovation, and commerce. We talk about the many innovations that have stemmed from space exploration, the role they play on this planet, and the possibilities this holds as the space ecosystem continues to grow. She gets into the programs at the Space Foundation to encourage entrepreneurship and the ways that innovators can direct their efforts to participate in the space ecosystem. We also explore the many ways that AI plays a role in the space ecosystem and how the AI being utilized across industries on earth will find later applications in space. Tune in today to learn more!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Shelli’s background and career journey to her role as COO at the Space Foundation.
  • What made Shelli decide that she wanted to occupy her current role.
  • Using space innovation to benefit us on earth; the definition of ‘space ecosystem’.
  • The many industries and countries that participate in the space ecosystem.
  • Using the Center for Innovation and Education to create diversity and opportunities across industries.
  • The role of AI in the growing space ecosystem; satellites, space exploration, GPS, and more.
  • How AI regulates hydroponic agriculture on earth and can in space too.
  • The many challenges of living off-world and the role AI will play.
  • How entrepreneurship in the context of the space ecosystem is taught at the Space Commerce Institute.
  • The spinoff commercialization and innovations that come from the space industry.
  • How AI practitioners can point their expertise and technology into the space ecosystem.
  • What AI will change in the world of the future and the effects of this on jobs.

Stream the full episode below, or head here to select your favorite listening app and view the full transcript.

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