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How Quid Creates Reliable Business Intelligence

We'll showcase how Sama’s web research and data cleaning services help create training data for Quid to build their NLP-powered data platform.

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We’ve written before about Sama’s proprietary online software that we use to connect low-income individuals to digital work. We’ve also shared how our image annotation service creates training data for a computer vision client.In this post, I’ll showcase how Sama’s web research and data cleaning services help create training data for longtime client Quid to build their natural language processing-powered data platform.

How does Quid create business intelligence?

Quid is working to ingest the world's collective intelligence. Their goal? Help business decision makers quickly gain the insights they need to make more informed decisions. Quid’s product is a platform that searches, analyzes and visualizes data to deliver key insights. Customers bring questions such as, “What does the current landscape look like for financial technology?” For each question, Quid creates a custom visual interactive map from raw business data: documents and articles.


This visual map was generated in response to a question about the current global fintech landscape. Read the Case Study here.

Audrey Boguchwal
Audrey Boguchwal


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